Hunter Biden RAILS Against Hallie Biden After Report She Took Gun From His UNLOCKED Car

Investigative reporter at the Washington Examiner, Andrew Kerr, discusses an interaction between Hunter Biden and Beau Biden’s wife, Hallie, over a gun that was supposedly in his car, according to a new audio recording.

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  1. Hunter has been breaking tons of laws and protected by his dad. The FBI raided several journalists homes with warrants they lied to get. They knew the diary wasn't stolen because the lady that found it is being investigated for selling the diary. Plus the journalists reached out to Biden's lawyer to return it. Eventually it was handed over to police. Just like the laptop the FBI is protected the Biden family and terrorizing anyone they consider an enemy.

  2. Bartender: Why so glum?
    Hunter: My dead brothers widow that I’m smashing took the gun out of my unlocked car and threw it in a trash can by a school. Now the FBI is involved but hopefully my Dad helps make it all go away.
    Bartender: …………..

  3. That's the gun that Hunter lied on his background check paperwork to buy. That would be a FELONY to you or I, but nothing gets done about it when the Leftists break our Gun Laws.

  4. Not a fan of Hunter Biden at all, but that's more or less how I would have reacted in that circumstance. Like, why would she think throwing away a gun in a trash can (near a high school, no less) would be a good idea?

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