Hunter Biden Raked In $11 Million From China & Ukraine

NBC News has conducted a detailed analysis of the Hunter Biden laptop, which was once derided by mainstream news outlets as a “classic example of Russian misinformation,” offering further description of the President’s son’s business interests in China and Ukraine. Biden apparently earned more than $11 million between 2013-18, much of which was frittered away as a result of his spiraling drug abuse.

Jimmy and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald discuss the truly scandalous way intelligence agencies and mainstream and even independent media outlets worked together to quash the Hunter laptop story prior to the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. Jimmy I hope you see this. I know that you know that this BS of DEMS vs REPS is a POS farce to create this great divide for decades. Can you please do a piece on how both sides have been fooling us for years by filibustering each other to oblivion by also putting the blame on one another so a certain bill won’t get past. It’s an age old diabolical plan to divide the masses into tribalism and dare I say it it’s ingenious. It has to stop!! You really need to hit this home. I like how you did the piece on the “Peoples Party” & how we need a party void of corruption. This corrupt 2 party system has fooled the masses for to long and we need a change. THERE ARE NO DEMS AND THERE ARE NO REPS. THEY ARE ALL APART OF THE SAME SNAKE! Please, please, please do a piece on those corrupt banksters and how they are running the world under the guise of a
    “2 PARTY SYSTEM.” This BS farce needs to stop. If anyone here thinks there is a
    “2 PARTY SYSTEM;” you are sadly mistaken.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Jimmy please finally expose this and explain it to the troglodytes
    under the WOKE rock.

  2. i like a lot of your content but denying that trump was not deeply involved with Putin, Russian mafia and Putin's intervention with elections is just crazy. He literally made clear on many occasions. You're off the rails on this which makes you and Glen less credible.

  3. 'Whataboutism' is merely pointing out hypocrisy. Or that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Judge not lest ye be judged. And the way to deal with it is to look at both cases in turn.

  4. The influence of money in politics is pernicious. Greenwald's billionaire boss at the intercept had his story about Hunter Biden's lap-top spiked. And whether Glenn was a founding member of the intercept or not was irrelevant. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  5. Props to Glen for doing real journalism and having huge kahonies. You're a stand-up guy just like our homey Jimmy "i'm a pot-smoking comedian but i speak truth to power like Tupac" Dore!!! Fight the power, bring these corrupt corporate-owned politicians to the goddamn gallows, no more voting way more marching!

  6. And as long as the left is in power in this country you'll never hear a definitive answer to what going to happened to the Biden Family and their crimes against 5he America people. Oh yeah the dental work CRACKHEADS don't have teeth look at a few of those pic and you'll see what I mean.

  7. On the tax issue alone, if Hunter had the last name of Trump, he'd be in jail and facing millions of dollars of fines. The reason Hunter had problems finding "clients" is because Hunter doesn't really know anything – like his father.

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