Hunter Biden Ukraine Emails Confirmed to be 100% AUTHENTIC by Justice Department and NYT

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  1. Wow they really had to pull out all the stops to rig this election. Amazing the desperation coming from the left. Not that the right is any better but this was a huge thought out plan to get Biden in office. Who’s pretty much the last of the group that could run.

  2. I doubt the oligarchs of the West actually colluded together but there was a concerted disinformation campaign 1. To smear trump and 2. to hide the trash in Bidens closet. I think most people know this. From the very beginning when he announced he would run and still to this day they are at it. Trump may not have been the best role model but he was a very good leader of the free world. Policy trumps personality and Trump had the best policies out of any president in my 32 years alive.

  3. We as the American people should wage a lawsuit against big Media and big tech for the suppression of votes . Since we can now prove that this did sway the presidency that we were all rob of our true vote and now are paying for the consequences of their dubious actions to undermine the American people.

  4. No wonder everyone was so quick to jump on the hate Russia wagon. The democrats have been attacking Russia the sane way they attacked Trump, nothing but lies

  5. Dems ,main street media,big tech all conspired to steal the 2020 election. Now it's to late so change the results! The truth has finally come out. Next u know robbing a bank would be ok if u don't get caught within 2 month period of the crime just like the election!!! VOTERS PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THE ELECTION!!! The information was online if u were paying ATTENTION!!

  6. The actions of facebook, youtube and twitter are crimes correct? Is it a crime to interfere with a US election? By censoring people were these organization defaming those that reported on it essentially saying that they were lying?

  7. 5:10 "50 former national intel folks say…" Out of what, a hundred thousand plus former nat intel people alive today? Wow. That is really saying some of nothing…even if they were ALL Republicans is still saying jack all.

  8. So Big Tech used their wealth to make the ordinary US citizens poorer and now 3rd class citizens with no power left tobghrm with the draconian powers they have taken, the US constitution is now DEAD!

  9. It looks to me like the Arizona attorney general is stalling and leaving it for his successor to handle it. No one wants to take any responsibility despite the tons of evidence pointing to irregularities.

  10. Slow the election down to find out what is going on? That sounds like another excuse to keep counting past voting day. We need certified water marked paper for ballots with an number system for accountability. All ballots should be counted on voting day period. If machines fail there should be a manual backup plan that can be put in motion immediately. People can be on site, vetted on standby in case it needs to be implemented. 😡😡😡

  11. So what i get from this is that laws/regulations/etc need to be passed in order to establish oversight of these big tech companies. Not only have they manipulated a major election but in some cases have also been accused of blatant bribery in at least 1 state (Zuckerberg in WI.) They have also violated our rights on their open public forum. This needs to end now before they purposefully cause anymore damage. They are nothing but profiteers paid for by governments around the world.

  12. Everything fact checkers said was fake or conspiracy theory TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE. THAT is how I based what was true. If fact checkers or Democrats denied it , THEN IT WAS ALWAYS TRUE..

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