Hunter Biden’s Dad Says Get A Proper Job!

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  1. I like jimmy but he’s got it wrong, it’s not companies responsibility to do all this. If you have 7.50 worth of skills. Why fuck would u get paid 15? If your a full grown adult, why the fuck are you working a minimum wage job. Stop acting like people are unable to learn a trade or skill to increase their work value. Increasing it to $15 would just cause more inflation. Instead encourage people to find better ways to add value to the work place so that they can get paid higher. This minimum wage shit is bandaid on a bullet wound, it’s no easy fix, it’s just purely lazy thinking.

  2. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the man who was the largest prison population in the world which in turn translates into the largest source of slave labour.
    Something has got to give.

  3. It proves america is a corporation posing as a nation state. Just like a corporation has no soul, no emotion and no care about your ass. Neither does this political class.

  4. Hey I am gonna keep saying it, all you Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, and Lefties voted for this, you can’t blame ANYONE because Dems have complete control. We now see how pathetic the Democrats and its voters are.

  5. BREAKING NEWS!: Biden Administration Eliminates Unemployment Benefit Boost At End Of June, Forces More than One Hundred Million Americans Back To Work For Minimal Pay
    BREAKING NEWS!: Major July Job Growth Numbers Victory For Biden Administration, Homeless Rate Mysteriously Still Soaring

  6. First we don't have to because people refuse to work for minimum. The companies are actually offering higher pay. THe problem is it's feeding inflation as well. AS for the Rich, we can stop it, by stop the fed from printing money.

  7. Most places offer more than thr minimum wage. Most Fast food places here are paying over 12 an hour. And im in a low income area. Big box places pay 14 an hour

  8. I dont know anyone who pays only the minimum wage. And right now when employers are begging for workers they have already raised their starting pays. Jack in the box is offering $12/hr for petes sake.

  9. Well Jimmy what they are doing at my job which I am in the Union. They are bringing Mexicans in by the busload. Don't know where they're coming from either. But they definitely don't live in my neighborhood.?. I

  10. What? You mean we have to stop letting people make unreasonable amounts of profit out of other people's misery? Well say goodbye to most of your clothes and cellphones if we want to stop being hypocritical about this.

    It's not only the wages the problem, it's the whole economical system around it. Stop buying cheap shit from big companies and other countries, produce locally, encourage small business, ect. They're not going to stop hire you for shit salary with the money you give them unless you stop giving them money.

    And don't think they will raise the minimum wage anytime soon, you've been cute for believing it would occur because politicians told you so, now it's time to fight for it

  11. The fact that the problem is that wages are too low, rather than unemployment being too high, is staring these people right in the face and they still can't see it. Either push for higher wages, or transform these unemployment benefits into UBI, so that people will not lose them if they start working again.

  12. Take the shit job or lose benefits…I'm sure this will be really encouraging for people to get them looking right away! It's always amazing to me how the Democrats come up with the best ideas that never ever fail, ever and always do what they intend…always.

  13. Those of us who have been fucked out of our unemployment benefits ought to go get the $50 for that interview and, since we have no unemployment to lose, we ought to form a collective of people and put that money into helping the working class fight back, not just simply for a better wage, but to be treated like human beings at work and for a workplace democracy.

  14. Here in the UK the tories crow about being the party that introduced minimum wage and helping the workers.
    Well it was introduced because they destroyed the unions and it was a crumb that they correctly figured out that it would be accepted over time. Like the USA it is pitiful and does not rise with inflation so if a big biz party introduces anything to do with wages then it needs scrutiny.
    This pandemic hopefully hopefully will change the way ppl think about minimum wage and get of their asses and protest rather than hit a like button online and think that you are being radical as fuck.

  15. Sorry NYT and Jimmy, where was the biden story 2 yrs. ago…. Love You Jimmy but the NYT I use every morning to wipe My ass with !!!!! P.S. The NYT and the Post are very scratchy so I advise people not to buy them, THEY SUCK !!!!!!!

  16. If it weren't for democrats and voter fraud, President Trump would still be in there and our economy would firing along on all cylinders.

  17. But those people are shit themselves and don’t deserve higher pay. They’re lazy wastes of humanity who should be used as fuel to power the robots that replace them at McDonalds.

  18. I do lean to the right on some issues, but as for min wage, Jimmy is 100% correct. Increase the min wage democrats. You own congress and the presidency, so fix the problem.

  19. Yea people unjustly getting angry at Trump would be sooo much better. It would suck to not have immigrant children NOT dying at the border again, and those tax cuts? Bleh, who wants those…more money is for losers. Peace in the middle east? That's stupid too. More US manufacturing and ultra low unemployment for ever demographic? Yuck. It's better he's gone because otherwise he might tweet something that hurts someones feelings and THAT is what is important…not global prosperity and peace, icky.

  20. Joe isn't doing anything, he's in the basement watching cartoons with the staff kids, you are confusing Joe with the unelected folks that are actually running the country.

  21. Your spouting propaganda. Unemployment is much higher in mass. You get your benefit rate witch for me is 1000$ then you get the federal extra money. Republicans were right. You give the people more money to stay home they won’t work. Take all this money is gone they’ll all rush back to work. Look at the purchases. The people have money and it’s not because people are working. Felons in many states can get jobs with felonies as states like mass has a ten year protection for those with old felonies to get jobs. Just stop and speak some truth

  22. Biden is not pro-worker. He is pro-corporate. The employment rate is very low and the wages are still the same, while the cost of living keeps going up!!! Yet, Biden wants you to take a crappy job, just for you to get off unemployment. Why not raise the minimum wage? Biden was able to hire military contractors for 15 dollars an hour to occupy Afghanistan, yet can't do the same for the American people!! Biden just wants to continue the income inequality because the corporations tell him to do it.

  23. The economy is run for the benefit of whom? There is nothing inevitable about any of this. It's a socio-economic choice. A society can be highly productive and wealthy and at the same time put the well-being of the people as it's highest aim. This economy works FOR the people NOT for the interests of the few.

  24. Biden warned us that they were going to put people back in chains. He just didn’t let people know it would be him. Jim Crow Joe is what people called him before he ran. Whoever didn’t see this coming is blind. I’m sure people miss Trump now.