Hunter Bidens Emails are Real: The Legacy Media and Big Tech Actively Hid This

So much for fact checking, journalism, etc:


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  1. We the people always look at the visible, perceived level of power and think we have power or control with our elections. We have no power, nor do we have control. The real power is untouchable and is invisible!😒

  2. Apparently you are getting information from somewhere, so you have good sources? Let us know a little more please. I always thought if you were not there and seen it with your own eyes then don't really trust it. Where do you get your info? Just curious. But I like some of your content. Jmo

  3. mate, i posted the pic of him in bed with a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth at the time, and if somebody on the other side of the world can get that and put it on fartbook, and twatter, then it is fucking obvious that they all got together to bury it, because that pic and a few others would've buried the kiddie groper, even without the emails being published, and they all came out at the time. AND the FBI said they had the laptop. did fuck all with it, which shows they were just as complicit. i'm cynical, but i'd guess the only reason they're being open about it now, is that they think it doesn't matter any more

  4. Why would billionaires support the Democrats? Logically, you would think that they would support the Republicans, and would have fully exposed the Hunter emails. Instead, they actively suppressed this information. So, why? No-one believes the bull-shit that they care about working people. What do they care about?

  5. I'm severely dating myself, but there was a TV movie back in the '70s called "Night Stalker" starring Darin McGavin who was a newspaper reporter trying to actually report news, and his editor was in bed with the government and refused to let him print anything that was damaging… It was quite funny at the time, but not so much anymore…

  6. aaand Fox just BANNED Rudy Giuliani from their network for the rest of his life. Gee, I wonder WHY. The man who literally helped break the story & had possession of the Laptop hard drives.

  7. Proof that it's true? Biden came into office and then promptly bent over for China. Everything depends on keeping the Democrats from taking over the ballot box perpetually. Republicans won't save us, but the Democrats want to kill us.

  8. Funny how Russia and collusion with foreign nations have both been red herrings when really the issue is China, and it’s INTERNAL collusion that’s affecting elections

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