Hunter Biden’s laptop and the tyranny of Big Tech

Is the FBI leaning on social-media firms to censor speech? Tom Slater, Fraser Myers and Ella Whelan discuss.

From the latest episode of the spiked podcast:

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  1. Everything in the "news" is a nationwide distraction designed to keep the majority of the public from discussing & learning about the private company that will void the United States Constitution & take complete control over the lives of every man, woman & child in America. The private Federal Reserve will introduce Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, & eliminate all paper cash & coins. The Federal Reserve, not banks, will handle all financial transactions for the public. This means every PENNY of any transaction will be accounted for in your account. Control over what you can buy, how much you can buy, automatically deduct taxes & fines. Simply look at China to see what your life will be like. Wake the fuk up people, do not comply, resist.

  2. When Trump came to power, I – like millions of others – was happy to vent my spleen online about what a numpty he was. But after a couple of years I started to think that in doing so I was part of the problem. He may have been a deeply flawed president with some pretty objectionable views on certain things, but the way in which his opponents portrayed him bordered on the ridiculous and contributed to the back and forth slagging match that American politics has become. I now firmly believe that if we all moderated our language, it would be better for everyone.

  3. Without covid Trump wins the 2020 election. If the Biden laptop had been used by unbiased journalists properly Trump wins the election. The whole of the western media including in the UK have had regime change here and in the US

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