Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal shows Democrats are ‘hiding gigantic things’

Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck says we “shouldn’t move on” from the Hunter Biden laptop story because President Biden is now “compromised”.

“This story, we shouldn’t move on from because the President is compromised,” Mr Beck said.

“What Hunter Biden did was so massive that people wanted to dismiss it and it was something that you were like ‘oh my guy he wouldn’t that’s outrageous’ that would of come out long ago if that were true.

“No. They are hiding gigantic things out in the open.”

The comments come after the New York Times confirmed last week emails found the president son’s laptop were authentic.

Mere weeks before the 2020 election, The New York Post published an article about Hunter discarding a laptop at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware.

On this laptop were emails that seemed to confirm Hunter Biden was the recipient of gifts from foreign interests in Ukraine and China.


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  1. Whatever. The stink on the Biden clan is so bad that the msm won’t report on it. Remember the daily complaints from the msm about the trump children, who by comparison are highly successful and not drug addled philanderers?

  2. After the lap top contents have now turned out to be true does this not call into question the legitimacy of the last election? If voters had known the truth back then, their perception of the Biden family would be considerably different. Sleaze and corruption, dishonesty, lies, money laundering, crack habits etc are seriously frowned upon in America's God fearing decent citizens. That last election should be declared VOID.

  3. Firstly ditch Twitter, and read the New York Times (from anywhere!). Horrible cover up, but Biden was getting in by hook or by crook. Those that sold and are selling the free world down the river will get theirs eventually. Wonder if they have visualised their grand kids speaking Chinese with a foot on their heads?

  4. How crooked this family is for all of us to see the fact that the democrats keep pushing this family and this kind of corruption tells you what the democrats are nothing but corruption

  5. Soros Obama Clinton Epstein Weinstein…….Wall St Politics Murder Sex Hollywood…..Soros Obama Clinton Epstein Weinstein…….Wall St Politics Murder Sex Hollywood…..Soros Obama Clinton Epstein Weinstein…….Wall St Politics Murder Sex Hollywood…..Putin is putting a stop to it in Ukraine

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