Hunter Biden’s Story Is PROOF POSITIVE Of Collusion Between Media, Democrats, It’s UNDENIABLE

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Phil from All That Remains (@philthatremains on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, etc) discuss the most recent evidence collaboration between the mainstream media and the Democrats via censorship of Hunter Biden’s story.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Teh answer is easy and Democrats NOW this…HATE is easy…love requires WORK. Democrats believe should be like life in Mommy's basement…they get to troll while screaming for mommy to fetch them another Hot Pocket. This is why most violent protestors are fat chicks

  2. Terrified to answer the question 'What did the FBI do with the information'. Terrified and rightly so if you want to live. America has a swamp bigger than anyone realises and the FBI is right in there, protecting Hilary, the Biden Mafia and themselves.

  3. What about China paying the MSM 5 millions for propaganda. China is more in control of silicone valley than people realize the truths will never told. It's in China's interest for Biden to win election. That way they can own U.S. & everybody will be speaking Chinese. Communism will replace our constitution. Can't understand why liberals voters can't see it coming please quit being stupid looking at this election w/ rose colored glasses. And start questioning What u hear on CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNCB . Instead of being lazy & listening to head lines. Independent news channels
    Is ur responsibility unless u
    Like the concept of Communism. No more free speech like ur beginning to see now. Twitter & FB is only the beginning of censorship.

  4. between media, dems, china, globalists and neo-lib governors.
    It is called a conspiracy tim, and 4th gen warfare.

    You are almost able to see the trees from the forest. 😉

    thanks for all the coverage!
    -radical centrist

  5. Go thing about being a snake, the swamp gives you protection. Joe is a first class snake, getting rich selling out his country. The other swamp creatures, media, Hollywood, deep state need to protect joe or risk losing their cut.

  6. in a soccer match if you win 3-1 its a good game. when you win 7-0 the losing side gets resentful but the ref is on your side. when you win 50-0 you make the opposition players go insane and even the ref is on their side. the dems are insane.

  7. President Trump needs to bring into the Oval office the current head of the FBI and fire his ass! Biden is done due to his idiot son Hunter leaving behind a laptop!

  8. I recognized Phil the second I saw his face but had to look at the description just to make sure. Mfw the singer of All That Remains is on with Tim and it made me think I was crazy

  9. There is no doubt that Hunter did all these things and for Dems to say it is a Russian smear thing as if Russians made hunter send texts and emails and took pictures of him what a crock

  10. Does it not make sense that every msm outlet is owned and operated by leftist democrats and progressive extremists. OF COURSE they are supporting the socialist candidates of the democratic party. They want 2 classes. Us and THEM.

  11. It is common practice to open any "debate" by defining terms.
    For example: What does "White Supremacy" mean to the questioner/moderator?
    This inquiry should cause the questioner/moderator to pause and reflect upon a definition, one which the respondent might address – in particular.
    In Trump's case, it would have halted, at least temporarily, the assault on human ears which is Guthrie's voice – and done his audience a great service.
    I contend that most folk have no idea what the term "White Supremacy" means beyond it being something naughty and to be condemned – anymore they would know what it means to be racist, or sexist.

  12. I believe trump would dive on blind disabled kids with a elbow to the face in a ring to a cheering crowd but he is still less crooked than Biden and Hillary……….. and Kamala.

  13. Was face book n Twitter play the don't no but thoese two should go to jail all the fake news about TRUMP the don't sensor the big lier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 n9 year old no sucker bird n for Google n sp Bird for Twitter are world classics liar mother ????????children laughing you . You looking like two biggest mules I am from guyana n suriname SHIVA blessing on DONALD JOHAN TRUMPS

  14. Media reporters contempt the president. They don’t want to do their job, we don’t need them. Look at the debate moderator who challenge instead of asking questions to the president.

  15. Here is a possible scenario. Would you instruct your addict son do business with some of the most dangerous people in the world? The answer is "not without protection" So Obama/Biden would have ensured that the US Intelligence Community (IC) protected Hunter. The IC would have known what he was doing. When the hard drive turned up probably their only interest was to ensure that they where not compromised.

    So lets assume that Barr finds out early this year. The HD provides circumstantial evidence and leads that can be quietly investigated. Barr's role as AG is to determine what crimes have been committed and is there sufficient evidence for conviction. This will take time and unlikely to get a result this year. Its not his role to attack Biden in the media. So he goes quiet and leaves it to the attack dog Rudy Giuliani. The DNC does not know about the HD. They put all their eggs in one basket by nominating Biden.
    Probably the original reason Obama was against it.
    This is the perfect storm. Rudy waits until the last 30 days before an all out attack in the media. The DNC are fully committed to Biden and have no defense other than media suppression. Biden's criminality and media suppression should have invoked sufficient alarm in the electorate for Trump to win.

    Look forward to Rudy disclosing more emails and hammering Biden right up to the election. Then later Barr sacking a few people from the IC.

  16. The Deep State isn't just the rank and file employees who work for the government trying not to get fired. The Deep State are the unelected federal and state employees who think that they are the government.

  17. How do you stay popular with the people you know? You hold the same opinion as them. News media plays on this tendency by establishing a main-line narrative with no dissenters to offer opposing opinions. Why question something when everyone agrees that it's the truth? That's the NPC.