Hunter, Jim Biden scandal ‘ties into access to Joe Biden’: Rep. Andy Biggs

House Oversight Committee member Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., discusses the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the latest on the Durham Investigation. #FoxNews

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  1. Ongoing investigation that will last for the forceable future. Nothing is going to happen. Even if it did find a jury in DC who will convict. Not going to happen. Time to move on. Where’s the investigation into mail in voting?

  2. The only reason Hunter Biden is not in federal prison,, because the Democrats control the FBI and the DOJ,, Chris Wray and Merrick Garland are nothing but pit bulls working directly for the Democrats..

  3. "We're going to get to the BOTTOM of this", appears to be code for the BOTTOM to fall out and disappear inside the FBI's office- Never to be found, again. Currently, we have the same FBI investigating their FBI AND the Secret Service. SOMEONE needs to seriously investigate the Intelligence Depts AND the DOJ BEFORE their BOTTOMS fall out, as well.

  4. What a shameful administration!

    Everything single thing needs to be accounted for. Every penny.

    As the Redheaded circle back queen said. “Hunter is a private citizen”

    Ok. If he is a private citizen. Why the hell is he and his buddy on Air Force 2 using it for private business.

    This bill needs to be paid!!

  5. Republicans are stuck on the same record for years now while we still see daily stories about the insurrectionist party on real news daily. Pathetic, oh, and did you warm your balls already today? Mwahahahaaha.

  6. If this was a chess game, the King is out in the open, check, check, check! While all of his supporting pieces are losing a weak attack; on the other side of the board?

    Doc Blake

  7. You don't know??? then talk when you do know Jim, because we don't need a repeat of your fruitless sabre rattling in 2020/2021.

    You're dodgy…what happened to Facebook? they're even worse now??? how much did Zuckerberg pay you Jim because they're still trawling personal information?

    Trump 2024 can't trust you.


  9. As the years go on, democratic politicians get more brazen with their corruption, just throw it right in our faces and say "So what are you going to do about it?". And apparently the corrupt democrats today are untouchable. America needs about a 100 groups of Boondock Saints to right the wrongs in America. Because God knows Americas legal system is a huge failure. Convict the little guy, but the guy with money gets a pass.

  10. Every state run by a democratic governor, every large city run by a democratic mayor with a democratic da, has growing crime. Legal hard working American citizens can no longer walk the streets of their cities in safety, they must hold up in their homes and hope the democratic violence does not find them. And these democratic governors, mayors and da's? No, they have protection provided by taxpayers. Do they protect the taxpayer? Hell no. If you have recently voted for a democrat, you are part of the problem. And when something bad happens to you or your kids, don't complain.

  11. I'm thinking…why is this taking so long? My guess…someone is wandering around the White House and his handlers are saying don't worry Joe…when your party bus runs over you…it's a quick way to go.

  12. Not Not until China invades tinvades Taiwan Then The Biden family will be a prosecutor 😜🤪🤣🐖🐐🐷🐏🐑🏴‍☠️🐴😂😁😷🙄🤠😹🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  13. Everyone is blaming Biden for this when he's just a front man that will be blamed for it..They will bring in someone new that will contiue the agenda. We need to go after the people pulling the strings..The Davos group and the people of the world economic forum. Nothing changed unless we go after the puppet handlers..

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