Hunter’s Art Dealer Refuses to Provide GOP With Who Bought Crackhead Art




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  1. The "world of art" aka buying and selling is mainly people laundering money. It's super easy to do, and practically untraceable.The Mexican cartel was the biggest buyer on the market at one point.

  2. Funny how all the Trump hating Democrats don't question any of this Hunter BS. They just go on listening to and believing it's all Trumps fault BS news.

  3. Greedy Old Steal, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Different names because.. A moving target is hard to hit. 4th reich…Ww1 Ww2 NOW COMES… Klas Swab, George soros both children of hitlers Germany. 4th Industrial Revolution WW3 here in our country by way of “ The Fundamental Transformation of America “. And EXACTLY like then.. social class, race, gender, economic class. All targeted. By every institutional weapon at hand. And this is a all hands on deck moment. Everything is being called into service. Those in News, entertainment, sports, internet,education, health,military radio, paper, ceo, corporations, banking, . Under the guise of inclusive equality diversity equality and America is evil. They will destroy this country. It’s intentional and it’s meant to hurt. Humiliate Demoralize Confuse and Above All Divide. Change the word, change the meaning of the word. Control the Argument. Fear of saying the wrong thing? The goal.. self censorship. Ultimate goal… stop speaking, stop thinking. Why bother. So many words today on the chopping block. Like the word “ America “ mother, father, men, women, birth.. it’s all about the take down. Dangerous times. Keep your children close. Because once protected, hands off! Now they are all just acceptable causalities of this war on America.

  4. Just happens he has the finger lakes tattooed on his back. The finger lakes are known for being a Child trafficking.
    So you know Arts like the book deals is how the funnel cash to different people. Think' 9 million dollar book deal for a book that makes 3million total?
    Also certain states actually allow for whats called live art.
    ByDon has resigned all 9 of 45s Exutive Orders regarding h trafficking and C A Humility.
    Dads been dead a good while, Hunter ran to military for protecting, when ccp put hit on him and dad. They got pop

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