Hydroxychloroquine Blocks SARS-COV-2 Entry (New in-vitro study)

Hydroxychloroquine Blocks SARS-COV-2 Entry (New in-vitro study)

Supported by NIH and The US Department of Defense, this new study reveals an unknown mechanism of hydroxychloroquine to block the endocytic entry of SARS-COV-2. Let’s review.

Keep in mind that this is an in-vitro, peer-reviewed, accepted, and published study.

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URL list from Monday, Sep. 19 2022

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  1. A number of nurses in America stated concerns that 'trials' with this particular drug used 1st dose that is known to be potentially fatal, with a day two 2nd dose that was twice the maximum recommended dose of 400mg. This completely against the accepted 'do no harm' edict of the medical profession…

  2. I have been taking HCQ once a week plus Zinc Vitamin D Vitamin C Quercertin and NAC every day Never caught the goggly moogly or C19 for 1.5 years This thing would have been over if they told every to HCQ in the beginning smh

  3. Dr. You are a good example of what I would consider to be a wise man and an example to all who listen too eagerly. Measured with proper disbelief in what others have said we will be able to get just that much further from barbarism due to your efforts. 🙇‍♂️

  4. awesome video right form begin use azythromycin was a ggod therapy. I focus in it due to more a lot of patients affected by secondary bacterial infection during covid disease. So i thought giving azythromycin was excellent due to have a shield from bacterial infection. I think of covid and all varinat like hyper reactivity disease. Like once you once say a cytokine storm. So covid remind me of asthma patient. So if drugs use for asthma are use in early days, you can prevent a lot of hospitalization and soon recovery. Same time give the body a great opportunity to create a great immunology defense. In a 2020 Israel study ( ones I believe to be reliable) show that asthma patient that are at greatest risk population of covid effects in reality show less. I understand that asthma patients as soon have symptoms use b2 agonist, corticosteroids, antihistamines (this is magic) and if you think bronchitis asthmatic then use azythromycin. Make a excellent recovery in fewer days. Now this is best for unvaccined due now we have a new medicine observation with vaccinated due to unknown genetic level playing so 3 to 5 years a lot will happened. Let remind US soldier victim of antrax vaccine. All this mrna vaccines is just try bring out almost by force a new market that normally people never will use unless fear and media were use, try to vaccine normal flu but side effects plus case winning in february show we have a huge monster were everybody can pay a price. So excellent video of a drug dealing with the virus. Information about azythromycin is awesome.

  5. Hello Dr Bean,
    Can you tell me if this is correct, durring the pandemic someone on the Internet claimed hydroxachloroquine(forgive spelling)could be made from grapefruit skins etc is that correct please?

  6. It is important to remember that Oxford School in England did a study early on in COVID to test for safety and effectiveness. Results of study showed it did not help and possibly made people worse. Interesting enough the study at this prestigious school did not use the proper dosage of HCQ in the study. They used almost double the amount of the accepted and proper dosage by medical recommendations. How can this major error be overlooked when reviewed by peers? This was posted in Lancet and HCQ was discouraged and told to the world it doesn't help. When error in dosage was detected, the Lancet quietly mentioned problem but never pointed out clearly that study was flawed and retracted study. I believe WHO also did study of HCQ and found that it did not help in treatment. Ironically, this study done by a highly regarded medical group somehow also happened to use an incorrect standard dosage that has been well established. They too also doubled the dosage instead of the accept and standard dosage recommended, therefore resulting in incorrect efficacy results of HCQ. How in the world can two highly distinguished medical groups make such a serious error? They too did not bring public attention to how they used incorrect dosages and the study was quietly retracted in the Lancet.
    Could it possibly be that if HCQ was found effective with Covid, they would not have been able to proceed with experimental COVID vaccines if therapeutic drug was available. Pharmaceutical companies and Government health agencies were only concerned with the huge financial rewards signed up already. The actual well being of the world was cast aside for unknown experimental Mrna when

  7. QQQ Very interesting lecture. Probably stupid question. Wondering given (1) cholesterol is retained in the lungs and (2) Omicron is more endocytotic in a cholesterol rich environment, why Omicron is not actually affecting lungs so much?

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