Hyperinflation Fears Grow – Inflation 2021

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Fears of Hyperinflation continue to grow, spurred on by Twitters Jack Dorsey and others. Legitimate concern or doom marketing to shill products?


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  1. This article is a general lack of understanding to how exponential growth is experienced. The USD is getting bucked and circumvented. The CPI figures are cooked. Keep the masses subdued and dependent for as long as possible while the wealth is transferred and the power is shift is controlled. It's all in plain sight but the majority don't want to believe otherwise. Yes the history shows Socialist nations suffered Hyperinflation…But now we're in a global system of socialism with the UN, IMF and other self serving, self appointed, non elected collectives of beings who think the rest of us are just peons.

  2. Remember Weimar Germany was invaded by France and Belgium in 1923. The Ruhr was occupied and German workers refused to cooperate. The government decided to print money to pay wages and reparations.

  3. Scomo just gave two Billion to our pacific friends. Have you noticed that the local ministers or local councilors all got mansions on an island of thier own. Not much goes to the people.
    And No oversite of where the money goes. Australia has been giving millions to P N G for ever. Have you seen the houses that the government live in?
    Thanks very much scomo for just giving away Two Billion and then putting up taxation for the Aussie people.
    Big noting himself in S cotland .How mu h carbon did they all use to get there?
    All donating to W E F which have secret plans for the whole world.

  4. 🤣 nope. Not in Australia- not unless Australia defaults on its Treasury Bonds.

    A deflationary crisis is incoming but- fast, we are overdue, was meant to smash us in early 2020, but Corona stopped it from happening, kicked the can and expanded the debt 1 last time.

  5. Luckily I was taught gold and silver are money and so have saved it most of my life… Australian dollars have no intrinsic value and do not hold value over time so they are not money but a currency no different to monopoly money for a different game. High inflation is bad enough for the low fixed income people to start to feel the pain. We won't need hyper inflation to have serious problems just sustained high inflation will be enough. The government inflation numbers are not remotely accurate or trustworthy. Do your own inflation test by monitoring your expenses of things you regularly buy.

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