Hypocrite Piers Morgan CAUGHT Defending Lockdown Rule Breakers

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Hypocrite Piers Morgan Caught Defending Breaking Lockdown Rules

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Are the protesters shooting and throwing Molotov Cocktails at English Police Officers? Just about everyone in the U.S. and the world hates what happened to George Floyd. It's ridiculous the way the left is using that murder to try to bring Democracy down, so we can all be like Venezuela.

  2. I wonder what Pears Mouthorgan will say about our Churchills statue being defaced by his sons inspired friends probably what's the world Cummings too and the silly bump that sits next to him!

  3. The police kneeling isn't that the action that killed that man in america so that's what you do now mimic the way someone died from that doesn't make sense so no feeling there then to Floyd!

  4. The Man Is Like A modern God He Is Never Wrong He Knows Everything about everything what A living Ledgend So BRILLIANT Beautiful To Know What This TOSSER Think's

  5. He asked the right questions you talk bull 286 people have died in 24 hours your a racist so think it’s ok to drive 30 miles to test my eyes and he had a small child in the he car

  6. The U.K. police should treat everyone equally and fairly according to the law. If a police officer wants to take a knee do it on their own time and not in uniform!

  7. Lock down everyday people who just want to make ends meet but let thousands march and destroy everything it's disgusting NWO is destroying everything very sad

  8. I actually used to only watch Good Morning Britain because I liked Piers! Over the last few months I have grown to dislike him. He is a hypocrite a lot of the time. I now don't watch any mainstream media news, EVER! I get my news from independent news channels online. I am so much happier now ??♥️ ps I love your channel xxx

  9. As of irish parents nigel farage brought up a great point about cromwell about the massacre of irish people , are irish people in England tearing his statue down or saying they are offended by what is history , NO . Wouldnt matter anyway as the irish are a predominantly white race

  10. There is no denying however that boris, dominic and the rest of them have done one of the worst jobs in the world at keeping the country/people safe with the pandemic. Certainly nothing to be proud of.

  11. You could put Morgan on his own show as a presenter and a guest at the same time asking himself questions and guaranteed he will interrupt himself and argue with himself like he does with actual guests

  12. Cummings "has a lot of good ideas to reform the system" does he? So you fully support the technocratic dictatorship he's currently implementing behind the scenes right now – what you refer to as "the Whitehall reforms". And you're fine with his "re-purposing government" plan to do away with democracy and have the PM select his own unelected ministers, (a major reason for leaving the EU)? And you support the fusion doctrine? What about 77 brigade and their stated goals, one of which is to propagandise the UK population, (the very thing you complain about the BBC); all good?

    Also, the reason Cummings is leaving has nothing to do with recent events, it's been planned all along. His SpAd terms of reference is solely to implement said plans, that's the deal he made with Boris. There's also a very strong rumour in Westminster that Gove will replace Boris, strange how you haven't mentioned that huh? With you being so connected its extremely difficult to believe you know nothing of it!
    For those who are interested in facts and not regurgitated partisan talking points, I recommend watching Cummings' 2014 google hangout titled "the hollow man" on YT – where he openly discusses what he is going to do if he "ever gets full control over number ten". UK Column have also covered this extensively

  13. Mr Tayto head lost all credibility for me as far back as 1992, when i heard Chris Morris phone him up live on air pretending to be Bono announcing a one off concert with NWA at Alton Towers and collaborating with them on a song called "Find 'em, F*** 'm and Flee". He fell for it completely and wrote an article in the Sun the next day about it. Wanker.

  14. Their is a coo. Against. Boris. And. Trump. ,,, our msm. Peirs Morgan. Are going all out to slate our Governments ,,, now. Getting the people to make. Force even Boris. Hancock onto GmB. So piers can. Try and belittle them. Or make them look silly. But the only fool who looks silly is. P Morgan himself. The Government are on all channels ,he don't answer to a news reader Boris. As a lot to do busey. With running the country. Boris will not play p Morgan,s. Provoking child like game,s. Lefty Biast. Question,s. We the people can see your Biast game,s. And to say you are proud of your son on the BLM RIOTS. You disgust. Us ,,, you have put others down for the same. But now you are a proud dad because your son was on them protest RIOTS. Shame on you p Morgan. ITV GMB. Boris Johnson is a proud DAD. Lovely BABY SON ,,, plus run the country ,, and. Fight. COVIC. 19 with us , been very ILL. With it yourself. ,,, plus. Deal with vile. Barnier and EU. Threats. ,trying to get a free fair trade deal for our country. But dealing with. Lefty trash who only want to trap us in for our money to keep their project going ,,,,,,,and to hell with the UK and people who voted to Leave. All they want is our waters money and UK under their rules n laws. No chance. Never we are free and will walk away on WTO rules. So Great. Boris and Mr frost. Stand firm. Don't give them anything , the trap is their so who the hell is p MORGAN. To call our. Government or trump. He is a sad little man. Showing himself up. We the people are. Laughing at you Morgan its not your job. We the people need to pull together and support the Government to rebuild the UK. Bk up into a great. Country. ,, the Biast left as cost us the tax payer a fortune over the last 4 years. Lies. Dirty tricks backstabbing ,,,scare story's. Ect ect ect. Khan is another one get rid of him. To many traitor,s in UK. Weed them out. And get them out.

  15. I hope your in contact with the tory party to tell them to find some backbone to deal with the BBC CH4 and the police, Boris should start thinking more of the people who voted for him rather than the people who didn’t, you can’t please all the people all the time and it takes strong leadership to realise that,