HYPOCRITES: 3 Minutes of Democrats Calling Elections Stolen, Illegitimate, and Not Fair

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  1. They proved the 2016 thing. Over 100 people got arrested for it. If you don’t live in the MAGAverse that’s pretty come knowledge. I know you guys don’t want to admit that but it doesn’t make it any less true. Plus how can any Republican agree in 2000 with the federal government to step in decide the presidency? I thought you were all about state ran elections. Just face it when, we feel things are stolen we don’t restrict access to voting oh and we don’t attack the United States capital threatening to murder public officials.

  2. Well of course the Democrats never lose a election it is always stolen , Just like when things go belly up because of their policies it is always someone else fault

  3. And now on Traitor TV we have people too stupid to know the difference between Popular Vote and the Electoral College in America.
    This malice and stupidity can be used to lever misquoted dialogue from Legitimate Political discord and mischaracterize it.
    This is like how people talk about Fraud and then dis allow their opponents votes or don't allow them to vote.
    It's like how some people talk about corruption but are at the root of most of it.

  4. one party gave speeches. The other filed fraudulent lawsuits, bride state's into cheating, and when that failed they tried to storm the capital and stop the count. See how stupid you look now?

  5. Humm, and yet these people didn't mention any of this a year and a half later, day in day out. It's not hypocrisy cause their claims didn't threaten Democracy, they didn't ask for money and lie to their donors. Nice try trying to spin your narrative, won't work.

  6. To say you think the election was stolen yet accept the court's decision is one thing but to attempt to storm the Capitol is purely a Republican reaction…and Treason.

  7. What all the GOP posters here with the short term memory of a guppy ignore or don't remember is that both Gore and Hillary were robbed of their popular vote victories by the completely corrupted electoral vote system. The Founding Fathers never envisioned a situation where 700,000 people in Wyoming have the same Senatorial representation of 40 million plus people in California. BTW, can any of you GOP stalwarts posting here tell us what the Republicans ACTUALLY WILL DO to bring down oil prices or curb inflation if they win a Congressional majority in 2022? I thought not.

  8. Either side always thinks the other side cheated. GOP is not the party it used to be; Bob Dole, George Bush, Ronald Regan, John Mccain…now we have Gaetz, Taylor, Boebert, and Trump, who all seem to be sucking all the oxygen out of the room. The party seems to be in competition with democrats on how far right vs. far left we are willing to go….leaving the MAJORITY of conservatives in the middle. Not going to vote for another Trump or Trump-like candidate…the GOP has left me, and it's a dam embarrassment that they side with groups like Proud boys, etc…sick of both parties, and I am ashamed of the Party that was Great once.
    This is why Joe Biden won because people are sick of Trump and his antics….GOP had better learn its lesson, or it will continue to lose the middle.

  9. I love it! These people are such hypocrites. It's disgusting. They can say all Republican Presidents are illegitimate and that the elections were stolen from the Democrats, but when a Republican makes the same comment with actual proof of malpractice then that person is anti-democratic. How insane are these people?

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