I am an NYC business owner and I will NOT follow Mayor DeBlasio’s order.

Vaccines, including the COVID vaccine, are a positive, modern day miracle. This is a GOOD THING FOR THE WORLD – but this is also NOT the way to encourage people who are on the fence to get the jab.

Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Personally the only reason I haven't gotten the vaccine is the delta strain. Alot of people who already are vaccinated still catch the 2nd variant. Once they make the vaccine cover both i'll 100% get the shot. Also needles scare the hell out of me so the less shots the better.

  2. "to reduce the spread" … well… it doesnt stop the spread. so… what gives? Giblatar is almost 100% injected and … most of the cases are .. jabbed. Every country sees higher numbers after starting the jab campaigns. So… if this was about hospitalizations ok… but 'cases' mean nothing especially if they crank that PCR machine to 45 cycles. 90% hospitalization rate is also a bit … of gas lighting. they use the number from the very start. In BC Canada it is the same way. They started counting from December 202 when almost no one was getting jabs. It didnt really pick up for about 2-3 months later … adjusting for that it takes that 90% down to …. 50%. Best part is they do not include recovery as 'good to go' while all "the science" showing that natural antibodies are way better than these synthetic antibodies.

  3. So which camp do I report to if I CHOOSE not to get the untested & unverified vaccine? Also, is the the undesirable tattoo appointment only, or can I just walk in?
    Free showers, right?

  4. There are still some unknowns with the vaccine, like how long the immunity lasts, long term side effects (if any), and more accurate numbers for variants. I am starting to feel more comfortable to take the vaccine, but these and results from the ongoing clinical trials will clear most doubts. I am in an age group where my risks for hospitalization are very low, but I want to make sure I am making the right decision here.
    The video was very informative, thanks for sharing. Hopefully the city doesn't end up fining you if they move forward with these rules/restrictions.

  5. If they change something from Voluntary to Compulsory …… it Never was Voluntary in the first place!

    Given the number of vaccinations the world over …. why are they still immune from prosecutions for ill effects?
    Also, given the viral load the world over it is clear we are Never getting rid of it …. the best we can do is to reduce the severity of the symptoms! Very much like the common Flu'!

  6. Good job Louis. Keep in mind that legitimate government is given power by people; power is not taken from people. If these guys took the first political science class they would know this.

  7. Yeah, but also: No. I'm with you 100% it can't be your job to make people vaccinate. Where I'm not with you is that the people who decide against getting vaccinated make a decision for themselves – they make that decision for themselves and everybody who can't get vaccinated. So at that point it's not purely their own concern, in my opinion.
    Still. Doesn't mean it's your job as a business owner to enforce vaccination, especially as long as lawmakers themselves don't have the balls to actually mandate vaccination. That's just pure bullshit! (And just to make sure: I'm not advocating for ort against a vaccination mandate, but making business owners enforce something that the politicians themselves won't enforce? That's rich!)

  8. I can't believe that after a year and a half of this complete BULL, there are still SO MANY PEOPLE that believe it. They want us to go back to masks again? After being vaccinated? This world is crazy.

  9. I haven't really had the time of energy to get the vaccine, between having to drive across state to take car of my grandma, working 11-13 hour days, 5 days a week at a really physically intensive job.

    I just haven't had a chance to get it.

  10. If I’m told “get the vaccine, or else.” It’s
    Important to understand the characteristic I learned as a toddler to NEVER give an inch because it will always mean a mile and you must fight with words and force of arms if necessary. Tell me I must do something, and I will smile broadly, let’s do this then, friend-o

  11. Finally Mr Louis rossmann this video proves to me you are truly my brother American. I didn't think anybody in New York City had your Kahuna's. The only problem is public schools haven't given people the knowledge to push back. There is no critical thinking anymore.

  12. Boo hoo, Louis.
    Your argument has no basis. You are upset, but your logic fails.
    Restaurants check IDs before serving alcohol to a patron.
    Likewise, in the reverse direction our government dictates that there are "protected classes" that you can't exclude.
    The precedents are there. And in the public health sphere, too.
    Your video boils down to, I am butt hurt by the past year. I will no longer miss any chance to make revenue.
    I have enjoyed lots of your videos. This is the first one where the New Yorker in you is so obvious.

  13. Hey Louis, could it be a solution to serve your Customers at the door so that they technically don't come INTO your Business? I understand why you are mad about this, very strange policy.

  14. The idea of social policing on this scale is disturbing.
    Check out the short film "Utopia" on Omelleto YT page , its somewhat similar in its social weave….
    Its not designed for political starting a political debate , just to get people thinking, its a Dark comedy, but what's seems ridiculous is becoming less and less every passing day.
    (Disclaimer – Yes I did work on it.. And see if you can find my easteregg without reading the comments )

  15. This is exactly why I think people without a specific high risk of health complications underlying condition, or under 70 should not get vaccinated,,, precisely because the vaccines where produced bypassing the regular testing procedures and trial times, for a virus used as the center of a gigantic charade of lies.
    Precisely because the risk of dying from the disease is so low (below 0.02% in the general population as admitted by the WHO, appallingly ), precisely because the polititians and administrators are lying continuously on the vaccines just to promote the same fear after one year and a half.
    It is people who need to try and make a cost/benefit analysis,,, do we accept a useless medication that is being pushed as hard as possible to ensure complince

  16. thank you. when the googles, the amazons, the facebooks, the walmarts, etc start demanding destruction of people's last bit of privacy (their medical history) … it is great to see people push back.

  17. 100% the MOMENT I heard Cuomo said this, I knew shit's gonna hit the fan, AND I LIVE IN FLORIDA! I know you are ALL going to come down here to escape this, AND PLEASE HEAR THESE WORDS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, BRING THE HIGH END LIQUOR YOU LOVE TO DRINK, WE DO NOT HAVE IT. Florida has little to nothing in the high end name brand liquors due to constant full rental vacationers 24/7, BRING IT WITH YOU.

    I work a liquor store down here, if you come to central florida, you will meet me and I will tell you, you should have brought it with you.