I am Australian. 6.11.21

If you see any politician from the Liberals or Labor share one of my videos on Facebook or any platform, please ask them to remove it. They destroyed my events business which I had invested everything into for three years, and was the first industry they shut down in March last year.

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Claire Woodley sings I Am Australian, which was co-written by her father, Bruce Woodley (The Seekers) and musician, Dobe Newton.

Written by True Arrow


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  1. United Australia. We are right behind you.
    Brought tear to my eyes as I watch this.
    We the people need to take back our country.
    One for all and all for one.
    We want our Freedom!

  2. Толи дело в россии.люди скромные,тихие.
    Выйдут человек тридцать.прочитают тихо свои требования и разойдутся.
    Никто не шумит,не кричит,не горланит.

  3. AUSTRALIANS . The whole world is watching You . Keep line , do not move back , keep standing do not give up !! You are inspiration for others countries . Let show f..k finger your stupid , corrupted socialist rulers . HUGE SUPPORT FROM POLAND

  4. How sad on these young happy people, we all are been deprived from our freedom and happiness, most of all the young people…. WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL DEATH FOR OUR FREEDOM…. Together we stand South Africa ❤️

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