I Am Being Criminally Prosecuted

Who is after me this time?
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Written by friendlyjordies


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  1. Surely whistleblowing is the exact opposite of contempt of court. You’re holding the laws and courts rules so far above everything else that you’re willing to risk everything just to make sure the law is applied to shady dealings.

  2. Idiot the government is private….And government is illegal is mind control legal Govern Ment control Ment aka maid.. you cant be this dumb…You are obviously a handler

  3. Dear Clubs NSW…You weak fukn parasites hahahahaha what a fukn pathetic joke…YOU PISS WEAK KUNTZ!! lolololol Damn Bruv you have made it! Look how much hard$ these fukn dogs are prepared to spend to keep the TRUTH SILENT HAHAHAHA <3 Well done mate..well done..WE GOT YA BACK BRUV! <3

  4. Surely the actions by ClubsNSW and the Judge would 'seem' to indicate that there is something to protect and hide. If there was nothing to it ClubsNSW would just laugh it off.

  5. We have haven't had any answer to the Money Laundering Question?? Please explain Money Laundering in the Housing and Property Developers Sector??
    Peter DUTTON gets more air time ⌚ from Public Media than the PRIME MINISTER .
    Can this be explained?? Skinhead torpedo with no submarine.

  6. You know the freedom of speech laws in usa would be better for you – Def post your videos from an American vpn – and since it was actually posted on an American site – youtube – shouldn't they be suing them? The publisher?

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