I bet Oxford Council hasn’t thought of this!

I am indebted to Colin for his curious loophole in the unworkable Oxford lockdown city nonsense.

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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. The reality here is that ALL of this is diversion, lies, control. Lets stop debating what they want us to debate, stop these evil entities by saying no. There is NO reason for hiked food and energy prices, the fearmongering continues .

  2. You would think there were rights that we all had that were guaranteed by law, and the only time restrictions were imposed were in times of war but after it was over it had to be handed back. I'm sure being corralled in like that way could be deemed as a form of unjust political imprisonment after all its an imprisonment imposed by politicians… this makes me wonder if this is the real reason why they are keen to have us out of the ECHR using the uninvited floating guests as a means to get support for doing so without getting backlash from the general public?

  3. There was a similar loophole when it came to speeding tickets where people were getting out of fines be claiming they didn't know who the driver was on that day because the car was insured for multiple people but eventually that loophole was plugged by them simply insisting the registered keeper MUST divulge the guilty party or the registered keeper gets fined (even if they werent driving) so this would likely be dealt with the same way. That said this authoratarian bullshit should NEVER even get off the starting grid due to public opposition sabotaging it at EVERY available turn. Its a moral duty.

  4. Here's a thought….. Nobody will want to live there anymore and a lot will leave, house prices will collapse, I know that this will happen everywhere, but until then?

  5. Quite simply Richard it’s just a money grabbing cash cow and unworkable in fairness,shame on the authorities using climate to steal money from hard working brits

  6. I hate this idea, but i don't think this will be a problem for the authorities as there is already a well established process for sending speeding fines to drivers. Also, my understanding is that it's not 100 trips per car, it's per household or address, so buying mor cars makes no difference. Thanks for the video to promote all of our concerns.

  7. what about visitors to the city…. Oxford council issues permits to residents …so if I'm just passing through or visiting friends, am I then subject to an unavoidable fine ??

  8. Got it! That's who Richard reminds me of…Roger (actor Ken Campbell) in the episode of Fawlty Towers where Polly pretends to be Sybil ill in bed and Roger annoys Basil with a series of astute and witty asides!

  9. The idea is that eventually most people will not own a car; they will have to go shopping on foot. People will be able to rent a car when needed, with permission from their council.

  10. Oxford university, must have enough brain power to point out to the council the down side of such rules on a supposedly free population, this is communism to the very extreme. I hope any city in the UK the citizens will march against such rules. 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  11. All by design, to releave us of financial stability and total totallaterian state,just like the China model the Puppet master at WEF is implementing through the infiltration of global governments

  12. Looking for loopholes is accepting the right of tyrants to impose such restrictions on freedom of movement at all.. no, the enemy must be targeted with increasing defiance and eventually force if need be until they retreat and full freedom is restored, end of.

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