I Can’t Believe They Did This

A new report reveals that 20% of Congress trade shares in the industries they’re supposed to be overseeing AND Democrats are trying to delay a ban on insider trading. Still, the pandemic is “over” and Putin is threatening nuclear Armageddon – so nothing to see here! #obama #biden #pelosi

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Great job Russell you are right on point with this as always. I have been around awhile and I see it but when you try and tell others they think you are crazy. All you have to do is pay close attention and not get distracted by the next crisis they tell us to worry about. It is nothing more than a carnival side show for the masses.

  2. There is a person who should oversee Pelosi if the system actually worked and we wouldn't have corrupt individuals ruling the USA: The President. But USA right now has a president who gets his commands from Pelosi instead, because he himself wouldn't be able to rule a country on his own.

  3. Complete and utter transparency required for all members of Parliament/Congress with regards to financial investments and stock portfolios.

    If you run for public office your financial dealings should be publicly accessible by anyone.

  4. Since everybody in the whole wide world(www. ……) have The Strongest Believe in capitalism as handled in America, nothing( nothing!!!) is going to change. I will say it again, since everybody in the Whole Wide World(www. …..)have The Strongest Believe in capitalism as handled in America, nothing( nothing!!!!) is going to change. (Repeat in-defeanate)

  5. i actually think just under 20% is too low? did the researcher do their job correctly. are there nuance cases, grey cases, or other ways the other 80% are corruptly benefitting (i'd include donations direct from industry too).

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