‘I Can’t Say I’m Surprised’: Josh Hawley Presses Nominee On Border

At Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) questioned Cindy K. Chung, nominee to be United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit, about the border.

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  1. stupid republicans this is the plan to burn this country down by any means possible. If trump gets elected do you think he will fire the 87,000 irs agents on gays one. No he will not, he will keep anyone on his administration that will stroke his narcissism.

  2. His affirmative tone and demeanor are just what is required, to send shivers through these awful human beings. To – stop – this – madness. This November, Vote more of these folks in! Red Wave of intelligence folks! Red Wave!

  3. Appreciate you bringing up their fraud, lias…! What's your Crack down on stopping this intentional orchestrated demise of our country? When will you impeach and arrest these thugs beginning with WH Racketeering Criminal thug Biden!

  4. Terrorists. No way a 800,000 peoe gp missing a year withkut the government helping. Thats one person every 40 seconds all uear long. No way i believe their not a grpup, especially after i saw soros before saying that doing this os part of destrpuing and rebuilding. Destrpybspcietynis his.literal plan.

  5. Hawley and Cotton are beasts and I mean that in the most positive way. Senator Kennedy has a folksey way of getting the truth out of those who believe themselves un-touchable. Merrick Garland could not be more of a partisan hack if he tried. the guy is too busy unleashing the FBI on concerned parents at school board meetings. BTW, if any of you employed by the FBI would just simply speak and be heard, we might not think you are all compromised.

  6. Here is what is sad, as much as you hated Trumps tweets and his approach to media. He called out this BS with so called allies and swamp politicians. Why, because AMERICA is first. Now like pre Trump, America is financial and moral piggy bank of he swamp and these "allies"

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