I don’t answer questions. Dan Andrews

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  1. Hey Dodgy-dan, heres a question for you ,M8 ???!!!
    Just how DODGY are u, M8 ???
    I went down street 2day..
    Guess what, just soooo
    Many HUMAN BEINGS were REJECTING yr leaflets on how to vote !!!!.
    MAN !!!! Dan not the MAN but a COWARD, i would love to see tou in a MONTY PYTHON skit !!!!.
    It would be HILAROUS..
    Especially, you to be in a NUT HOUSE with BRAD PITT out of 12 MONKEYS..

  2. If his wife killed that little kid on the bike. She still wouldn’t have taken the alcohol or drug test. She has the authoritarian fascist government elite card of carbon credits to to offset her guilt and transfer the guilt to someone else

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