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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. According to Alan Kohen, Australias looking to unwind its stimulus from now till January. ScoMo plans to open the borders, unload Migrants into Property and crush Australias Domestic Sector by January. My guess is he's planning a Covid Vaccine by December. Not only are house prices already at extortionate levels but ScoMo has willingly signed off the sale of Australian Property to Foreigners while giving no shits for Australias Domestic Citizens. He's signed Domestic Australias Death Warrant without a care. This is outrageous. Im surprised todays Australians arent assassinating there PM. Labors captured by the CCP. Australians urgently need to support Sustainable Australia Party –

  2. Australias Young Lives and Domestic Australia are effectively being sold off to the nearest Foreigner. If the Young dont stop pretending to be clever and actually do something about this, then they'll be looking down the barrel of future young suicide pandemics. Over the years, Labor has demonstrated that its prepared to Lie to todays Young as we saw with Bill Shortens 'Candy to a Baby' Policies which did nothing but present the illusion of a House Price Solution in Australia. Labor's also in bed with the Chinese CCP which I hope Domestic Australia never votes for them again. If Australia doesnt sort its shit out and soon, there'll be a lot of Young Dead Austalians Suiciding.

  3. Please do a video about mandatory vaccination.
    It is right at our doorstep.
    It's time to have the discussion whether we have the right to choose if we are injected by the government.
    Just as importantly not being discriminated against for choosing not to vaccinate. Already people are restricted education, child care and other services unless compulsory vax.
    This is a dangerous situation that needs exposure. People we need to get the discussion happening

  4. The reason we were taught Howard=good and Keating=bad in school is the same reason my parents (both teachers) still vote liberal to this day: the Keating government or the QLD teachers' union did something to piss off all the teachers in the early 90's. Idk what exactly. What were you expecting, researched facts from a YouTube comment? Jokes on you.

  5. Everyone needs to realize something. Please read on.

    If it weren't for the Chinese, CV would be a non-issue. If you're a proud citizen of your country, irregardless of wherever it may be there is one thing we much see. The stranglehold had upon us, and absolutely especially in Australia, must be realized and acted upon should we wish to enjoy a vibrant and prosperous future.

    The western world is focused largely upon the issues of America all the while the horrendous acts of the CCP and the people of China go unnoticed. Australia Belongs to China!

    Serpentza will elaborate for you.

    Australians, please stop arguing about the left and the right, who's right and who's wrong. We need to concentrate focus upon the corrupt Australian government for selling us out to COMMUNIST CHINA. We are being flanked by the real enemy while they cause raptures in the fabric of the west so as to avert out attention. This is a very serious matter that if a solution isn't arrived at we may now we may be at the crossroads of war in the future.

    I don't know what can be done except nothing will ever change unless people are knowledgeable about the true threat to democracy. COMMUNIST CHINA.

  6. Australian federal and state governments are to take immediate action to end all CO-VID19 lockdowns, school closures, bans & restrictions on social gatherings and bans & restrictions on national and international travel.
    The data is now in that the virus is not as deadly as originally modelled by the "experts".
    It is known by the World Health Organisation and epidemiologists world-wide that closures, lockdowns, social gathering bans and travel bans are ineffective and impractical strategies to fight a virus pandemic.
    The data we now have for Co-VID19 is clearly showing that the lock downs, travel and social bans and school closures are doing SIGNIFICANTLY more harm than good for the lives of Australians, and everyone on the planet.
    Every day we continue under the lock downs, bans and closures is further destroying the quality and length of our lives.
    "Where do we turn for competent commentary on the medical aspects of quarantine and lockdowns? Where is our credentialed and experienced expert who can provide weighty evidence that this is the wrong course?"
    The article and paper contained in the link below have fantastic explanations about why the lockdowns, bans and closures were used erroneously and the scientific explanation behind it.