I Give Up

This week, Chris dissects the latest news and the outbreak of hepatitis in children.

Most importantly, the looming energy and food crises are set to dominate 2022 and 2023.  Are you ready?

He hopes so because your “leaders” are certainly not up to the task of dealing with even the most basic laws of reality let alone the more subtle and complex relationships. He’s “given up” any hopes that there will be a savior of any sort.

As always, he connects the dots to show how governments, corporations, oligarchs and bureaucrats create more negative policies and push for more outcomes pointing us down a perilous road.

Part 2 here :

Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. The entire thing has been planned and the USA and all leaders knew about it!
    What does everyone think Davos was every year.
    They are all playing their parts doing the same thing our fake government is doing to us.
    With no authority! Totally fake!!!

  2. What if "someone or organisation " deliberately turned off or slowed down the energy flow?
    Economy slows.
    "Their" great new reset then makes sense.
    This is planed.
    Unfortunately you and I are not part of the club that planned it.

  3. Dr. Judy Mikovits at a round table with Children's Health Defense not long ago, while talking about childhood vaccines, said "why would you put hepatitis B in a child's vaccine with an efficacy of 12 years, when it is a sexually transmitted virus?, it makes no sense".
    Now they have an outbreak and pretend they do not know where it is coming from, the media paid puppets in Canada were paid $600 Million dollars over 3 years to cover up the truth and promote what they want you to hear and believe and (by covering up the truth, I consider them murderers as they are complicit in this mass genocide world wide).

  4. Free markets like anything else, have been ruined by greed, monopolies, laws, etc. In reality, I have not really seen them work well at all in the last 50 years.

  5. pathologically selfish child predators want everything, not realizing that they're defective and nothing actually pleases them. everything will not be enough for them

  6. The cure to the end by crisis is nuclear. And that is why it is so heavily regulated by the (elites) and is made super scary. I urge everyone to research Galen Winsor.

  7. Gee, I wonder how humans have survived for 200,000 years without "energy". Life before Fox News, The Kardashians and nuclear bombs must have been horrible.

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