I GOT BIDEN ELECTED’: Debra Messing FLIPS On White House After Roe Ruling, Says NO POINT In Voting

Host of The Katie Halper Show Podcast, Katie Halper, discusses celebrities who are fed up with the Biden Administration, including Debra Messing.

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  1. This is wonderful irony:
    1. celebrities and dem acolytes waking up to the disaster that is Biden(Trump could never damage dem’s & leftists like Biden has)
    2. Biden started the partisan bitterness and politicking w/ SCOTUS confirmations (Bork & Thomas), now Thomas hands Biden his biggest failure in the willfully blind eyes of Biden’s elitist contingent.
    Note: Ya know Katie, Wendell Pierce is a black man so I don’t know what color has to do with it. Oh right, so now it’s misogyny smh. Maybe you just failed to notice that Wendell was always a tool.

    Anyway, This is what happens when a Party is captured by banal grotesque elites who devolve into virtue signaling performative caricatures of the malevolence they claim to fight.
    Confession through Projection Indeed!
    They defend Bernie and decry the establishment attacks on him, but cannot posit that maybe Trump was fighting the same institutional slime in the other party. Instead, they help do the work of the establishment in red, while crying about the establishment in blue. Yes, the uniparty is several steps ahead, and unfortunately won’t be defeated by blind stupidity.

  2. Our best candidate was Bernie but neither party really has any interest in making any real changes. I live in NYC and am seeing lots of interest in the Republican party right now. One good thing about Republicans is that they don’t generally cancel out their own – they leave it to voters. I’m still really angry about the Dem push to cancel out Al Franken over a selfie photo at a State Fair when he worked full time in comedy.

  3. I wish I had the money to "join a call with white house aids." Messing has just demonstrated exactly what is wrong with our democracy; rich people have power and influence, and working class people are irrelevant.

  4. -Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth. They say in Heaven, love comes first.
    We'll make Heaven a place on Earth. Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth. In this world we're just beginning. To understand the miracle of livin'. Baby, I was afraid before, But I'm not afraid anymore! NATO. is "What Happened" when: "They" Did NOT "Eliminate" ALL NAZI's , after WW2. Level the "Pentagon", and EVERY NATO "Sympathizer." PEACE

  5. I don't like this new host. She doesn't look happy to be there. Too serious looking and gets too emotional if her hosts opinion differs from hers.
    Debra messing has no brain, still.

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  7. Love that Katie is a rising regular lol never would’ve happened without Krystal. Same with olayemi and Brie. In a weird twist of history The Hill, which is epitome of establishment media, is one of the only establishment media outlets that’s a centerpiece of actual ideologically diverse discourse – most represented by Robby and that repulsive psychopath woman from Reason they have on when actual libertarians are far far more rare in American politics than socialists lol

  8. yeah and not to mention, chuck norris, scott baio, clint eastwood, kevin zorbo, there are tons of celebrities supporting the republicans, they're just a couple decades back

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