I Love Watching FOX News Suffer Due to its Frenetic Election Coverage



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  1. Yea everyone has dumped Fox News now. Still Tucker and Hannity though. I think Fox fired Maria and Judge Jannine. Dude everyone should just go watch Dan Bongino and Alex Jones.. lol.. yea but at least nobody owns them. And yea damn people.. i bout throw up and want to gouge my eyes out when they got Juan Browne on there… hahahha

  2. FOX is clearly trying to to soak up the viewers bleeding out of CNN and MSNBC. Chris Wallace, Donna Brazile, and Shepard Smith hirings? They already had too many left-leaning "experts" guest commenting. Tucker Carlson has chosen money over principles.

  3. What? Some big corps are thinking of selling off their propaganda outfits? Makes me think some of their people are worried that Trump might pull it off and the may see the full weight of EO 13848 come down on them.

  4. It’s the perfect opportunity for Trump to become a trillionaire. If the election is successfully stolen from the people, Trump should become a media giant with replacements for Fox, Twitter, YouTube, and Facepalm and seventy million people can switch over. The economic impact of this kind of shift would be historic and it’s the best remedy for a country where media is out of control and no one seems interested in reigning them in.

  5. What amazes me is there are people who still think Fox News is legit or a decent alternative to anything.

    Let's please just illegalize corporate lobbyist cash in government, already, and wait and hope for Fox News and all the others to die.

  6. If Trump would off handedly mentioned that Cheeto's were his preferred bag-snack during his Helicopter rides
    he would win the hearts and souls of millions and the shit-show with the election fraud fiasco would finally End !

  7. I stopped watching Fox and make sure all of the TVs at my job aren’t tuned to Fox! Is someone puts it on I switch it to something else!!

  8. I love you Styx, but you talk about how Legacy Media censors themselves, and then when you mention who owns the Media – you’ll never say Israel or the Jews when we clearly know who runs the media outlets.