I nearly QUIT my job and LEFT the country because of unethical MANDATES. I’ll never forget

Exactly a year ago. I will remember what happened for the rest of my life. I have only one thing to say to the Media who are now asking for “Amnesty”…

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. Unfortunately leaving a state or even a country is no real option anymore. If you really think it is different in the U.K. you have to look closer. NHS seems to mean No Health Service these days. It is almost impossible to get any service in this country let alone a Health service. And I doubt it is different elsewhere. When will people realize that this is a global war against us, not only incompetence, stupidity, ignorance or greed. It is organized crime. And very well organized from top down as it seems.

  2. Agree! We actually need a full on mass trial like was convened for war crimes at the end of the second world war. To not do so will just embolden these tyrants and their supporters to do it again. If found guilty, seize their assets and use the proceeds to compensate those financially devastated by wrongful acts during the past 2 years.

  3. You have expressed my feelings perfectly.
    You are one of the true heros of this pandemic. Thanks for standing by what is right and standing for all of us who don't have the platform you do. You speaking up helped me stand my ground on my beliefs and also helped me stay sane while i felt like i was surrounded by a community of people who had totally lost the plot.
    I don't think you realise how many lives you've touched.
    Appreciation beyond belief.

  4. I live in Quebec and our government recently admitted that they paid millions to a private firm named Mckenzie for advices on how to deal with the pandemic. Can you imagine. We were ruled by a private entity that has clearly some ties with the pharmaceutical giants. And i read that that firm was "tipping " governments all over the world

  5. You my friend are the definition of a True Hero!!!!!! God bless you! I just wish I knew the reason for this mass mandatory vaccination program! It's obvious that Covid was not the reason!

  6. I will never forget what these malevolent powerhunger leaders around the world, did to us.
    They had committed murder and injuries to millions of people around the world.

    I will never forget, how totalitarian ordinary people acted, towards non vaccinated people. Many people was a disgrace to our liberty, in our Western world. They don't know the real meaning of democracy.

    We recently had elections in my country. I decided for first time to rip my vote note apart, and not vote. With this breaches of human rights, that many people supported, I will never vote again.
    How can I ever trust the judgment, of ordinary citizens, that was to lazy and fearful to research and think outside the box, of what the news told them

  7. Unfortunately, even with all of the new data there are still some organizations especially in healthcare that are enforcing Covid vaccine mandates and people still have no problem with it. We need more doctors like Dr. Dhand.

  8. Thank you … mandates are inhuman

    I never debated it either.

    I used actual scientific and critical analysis myself




    It was NEVER bubonic plague.

    Look at the data xxxxxxx

  9. Thank you for being a real doctor. Most doctors in the world now do what big pharma and governments tell them to do, whether it is right or wrong, lies or untested.

  10. legal insurrection also has a good article on this subject. Until we hold new Nuremberg trials justice will not have been served. No to toxic forgiveness.

  11. The fact that some people claim that a year ago, we didn't know what we know now is pure and utter nonsense. I have a background in biochem and was trying my best to make all those around me aware of the studies and findings. I would even spend time explaining any scientific jargon so that they could understand better. Those very people were the ones that would ignore message after message and pretend like none of this was happening in the world. They would do as their told without implementing an ounce of critical thinking. If people just put down their phones and stop consuming mind-numbing media propaganda, the world would be in a much better state.; sorry, I have no sympathy for the sheeple. Thank you, Dr. Dhand, for your courage and voice of reason in these dark times.

  12. Excess Deaths are still 10-15% week to week. This is not over and we still cannot clearly state why 10-15% more people are dying every week. It is obvious.

  13. You all talk like it is over, it is not, until they stop mandates everywhere gor everybody. If I just hear about the shot for the littles, set up like a maybe soon mandate for school etc, then it is not over at all.

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