I read the first half of White Fragility….and it’s the most toxic book I’ve ever seen.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. How great is our country, and how privileged Americans must feel, where a racist like Robin de Angelo can write a book about herself and get it voted as NYT's #1 best seller…?

  2. Ben Shapiro is right about how it reads like a cult manual, but with added Mein Kampf and Das Kapital: denouncing a race as evil based on very little, if any, evidence; oppressed/oppressor logic for minorities/whites. It is horrific. There is another book, similar but with less racist bile, is 'Why I No Longer Talk to White People About Race'. I can't remember who wrote it, but my history teacher let me borrow it and it scares me how the author is now refusing to debate race issues because she interviewed Oswald Moseley, leader of the Union of British Fascists.

  3. i don't think i've ever said "what" or "what the fuck" so many times while watching a YouTube video. Thanks for suffering through this book, so I don't have to 😀

  4. "Our white fragility"? She is NOT white. She is a member of a tribe that is told over and over by its leaders that their mission is to bring light unto the people of the nations – when in fact it is to undermine/subvert them.

  5. As a psychology major I very much enjoy that bent you give the material; plus the fact that you're not simply offering 'analysis' of an incident. I think you have a nice niche.

  6. I'm pretty comfortable saying that Robin DiAngelo is not just a deeply racist lady, she also seems to really despise people. Like, humanity itself.

  7. To give credit where credit's due, DiAngelo's assumption that people of color getting a job could be considered "token people of color" by others is a good argument…

    for abolishing affirmative action. Glad we can agree on this, DiAngelo 🙂

  8. All and I mean ALL of the leftist movements you are seeing nowndays are simply Marxists movements in disguise, NONE of it is about equal rights, NONE of it is about fair justice, NONE of it is about saving lives, in fact whatever each movement says it's about, each movement is for exactly the opposite, these movements were designed to be as divisive as possible, they aren't to stir indifference, they aren't to stir up hate, they are meant to stir up division, these movements were ALL formed to attack this country, by dividing it's population, attack this country by destroying our culture and our history, attack this country by re writing our language, attack this country by brainwashing our youth, our youth is being taught things in school, right now, today, that would have most parent's absolutely scared to death if they found out about it, we have many, MANY teacher's in public school who know exactly what they're trying to accomplish and they know that what they are doing is manipulation, they know it's brainwashing, these teachers do not want parents to find out what they're doing, these teachers are worried that this virus will actually give away their scheme, they're worried that parent's will be watching these class video streams, these teachers are STILL trying to teach your kids this stuff while they are at home, streaming class. You people DESPERATELY need to wake up with what is happening in your kids schools, this problem will start manifesting itself within 5 years and it may be too late by then. These people want to destroy this country, they want this economy to fail.
    WAKE UP, start paying attention to your kids schools, I'm telling you.

  9. SJW: "You're a racist!"
    Normal people: "…..No, no I'm not. Who are you?"
    SJW: "OMG! Look how fragile you are! LOL, I'm going to write a book to show how fragile you are!!"
    Normal people: "mmmmkaaay…..have fun with that."

  10. I had a yoga training which was called modifications and inclusivity (as part of a larger training) and this book was the recommended reading. For a yoga training.?

  11. DiAngelo is a genius. She knows her outlandish and unsupported claims will cause the type of reaction we are witnessing in this video. The crazier the better, that's how to increase book sales and exploit racism in America to line your own pockets. I don't think for a moment she actually believes all this tripe…but hey, everyone's gotta make a living. It's just a pity she steps on the backs of blacks (haven't they suffered enough) to do it. Not sure if EVERY white person is racist or not, but I'm 100% convinced DiAngelo is.

  12. I don't fault employers for rejecting an application based on a name. A peculiar name can speak very loudly of a person's upbringing. Adults can get a legal name change, especially if their given name is a barrier to their ambitions. That is common practice for those who seek a career in entertainment. There is little value in pretending superficial image has no consequence in this world.

  13. Just letting you know I can no longer watch your videos I get an error code every time no matter how I try and access them. TIME TO GO TO BITCHUTE AND BRANDNEWTUBE. They are having teething problems but gaining traction with many!

  14. I am 13 minutes into this video and I already hate this Robin DeAngelo person. How the he!! did she get away with her racism in this country? Maybe that is the question we should be asking, because those who agree with her is racist? IDK I am fishing for a logical and reasonable answer. BUT WOW!!!!!
    If I had been in her training class, I would have gotten up and yelled; I am not here to listen to this racist! And walked out and filed a complaint against her.

  15. wait wait wait, at the 23:00 mark you cover something that just hit me while you are explaining it.
    She at first says that when white people get defensive about being racist and question the accuser (her in this case), that isn't natural and that just exposes their own racism.
    But THEN! Herself gets mad and defensive when people get defensive and question her accusation of their racism and expose her own racism?

    So she is literally doing the same thing she is claiming other racists are doing?! Exposing her own white supremacy! Like, the level of hypocrisy and lack of self awareness of this is beyond hilarious; it is angering.

  16. So far all I have understood in this book is a white well privileged woman admitting her own racism, without realizing it?!
    If she sees her own racism, then this might be making sense; but if she doesn't then WOW!

  17. I don’t think people like it when you insult them for the sins of their fathers. Also this stuff emboldens actual white nationalist figures Richard Spencer and David Duke

  18. Thanks for making videos about this – your honesty and perspective is so refreshing and much needed in this crazy time in the world!

  19. Karlyn you are 100% correct – the far left is TOXIC. I have been calling them and their nonsense "poisonous," but it's the same idea – their activities are negative, destructive, divisive, antagonistic, depressing, demoralizing.

    And yes, I am certain the source of their poison is evil itself. Reagan didn't call the USSR the "evil empire" lightly, and he was right. Spying on your own citizens, keeping them IN the country with guns and walls, exiling them and/or their families to slave camps, torture, or worse; and of course, the essence of socialism, stripping away any freedom to live as one chooses. Socialism and communism are EVIL.

    You do not find positive, optimistic, uplifting, inspiring, caring, wholesome, hopeful messages in the muck of the left.

    Of course, this is by design, as they are power-hungry to the core and use these impacts to take power, very UNLIKE what conservatives aim to do – provide an environment in which individuals are free to live as they choose as they pursue their full potential, in a respectful, respectable manner.

    Robin is just another tool of Marxists. Unfortunately, there are many guilty leftists (mostly white I believe) who fully buy into her bullstuff.

    So THANK YOU for pointing it out. I am not happy that you got physically ill but appreciate the point that reaction makes.

  20. You guys come across the skit called woke vs racist ? It is a condensed tongue in cheek version of this and how new age liberalism is uncomfortably similar to classic REAL racism.

  21. Trying to follow information about critical race theory as widely as possible. Also reading White Fragility to find out what the fuss is about. Karlyn, you talked about lack of outrage at your workshops but were they workshops to examine racism? D’Angelo was making a specific point that white people in her workshops were reacting to the idea that they could be racist – and I know people (here in NZ) who’d get angry too. I don’t think you can dismiss her claim on the basis of you never having had angry responses in your workshops – unless you too have been asking white people to look at their racism and they’ve all responded moderately. Any way I’ll keep listening and reading and trying to make sense of it all! Enjoy your posts!

  22. Seriously I find this book super offensive and yes racist. Making generalizations about white people based on their skin color isn’t ok. Not everyone has the same experiences. It’s not ok.

  23. Since you cite the book’s over usage of broad generalizations such as “most people “,with no actual fact or data to back the claims up, it makes me curious as to whether this book has a reference section. You know, the index of traceable sources and references on which the subject matter of the book is based? And if so, does it read like:
    “Oh, you know, stuff.”
    “Things I overheard while sipping chai tea at tai chi”
    “I read it somewhere on teh internetz”
    Or the classic libtardian bluff when asked for data/proof “ oh, well it’s obvious to everyone. If you need to have it explain to you, that just shows what an ignorant ism-ist-o-phobe you are. Reeeee!”

    P.S. 18:28 Did you know that in the suffrage movement, roughly half of it’s vocal opposition were in fact women? If the men who opposed this were misogynists, then what would that make the women? ?

    29:12 How is Robin’s explanation here any different than Texaco’s “jellybean” comparison?

  24. I used to do corporate diversity training as well, and this was the book other trainers kept bringing up. If a non-white person got emotional while we spoke about race issues, they were deemed strong and brave. If a white person did so, the trainers would look at each other knowingly and later on refer it to as "white fragility".

  25. Robin DiAngelo is NOT a sociologist; she has a bachelor's in history and another degree in one of those jive "gender studies," non-traditional fields. She's a charlatan of the highest order.

  26. Robin DiDevillo is the racist. Just like gender, sexuality, religion & others, RACISM is simply ONE of the many aspects relating to social cohesion, that DiDevillo and her clan engineered to divide us and make us hate each other. They have their agenda driven 'funders' who made their billions through less than ethical channels. This tribe has no shame and their only ambition is to control.