“I saw Dan parading his fake science…”

In a wide ranging interview, Jeffrey A. Tucker (responsible for the birth of the Great Barrington Declaration) surprised me that the insane pronouncements of Australian political leaders Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews were mocked throughout the world.

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  1. The simple fact is that Dan is a liar. He continually does it but people are so stupid that they believe him because they have polarized the population through Hegelian tactics.

  2. As a former immigrant in Australia from 2016-2021 and thus saw the 1st 12 months of COVID in Australia as well as 1st hand hearing from the rest of the world on how Australia handled COVID, I can confirm Jeff's words- Many around the world are mocking the likes of Dan Andrews, Scomo, Mike Gunner, Brad Hazzard, and the demographics include Brits, Americans, Swiss, Germans, Irish and Italians to name a few, and in fact I've found that the majority of people who strongly back the Biosecurity State Down Under are- you've guessed it- Australians themselves, and only a minority of Americans and a handful of Brits. Also Prof. Bhattacharya, one of the authors of the GB Declaration told me in person that there appears to be an effort among Aussie authorities & MSM from keep the Declaration entering public discourse, so much that quite a few Aussies aren't even aware of its existence!

  3. If it's really true (re polling suggesting that Dan's popularity increases when he's referred to as a dictator), I suppose the logical implication there is that the swathes of NPCs have a reflexive reaction to the use of the term, as it's probably now seen as a buzzword, in much the same way that the left has exhausted the real significance of terms like "Nazi" etc. It would be interesting to see how polls reflect a synonymous approach – or god forbid, a mainstream narrative that tells it how it is without dressing it up.

  4. I was out every single day of the past 2 1/2 year's, been questioned twice,
    Once by the local boys and girls in Blue, and once by the federal police, never was I ever threatened, both the local police and the federal police, wanted to be my witness if I had to go to court,. All fact.
    I live in sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria Commonwealth of Australia 🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺I love my country.😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎

  5. We are going to be Sri Lanka soon. The way they are pushing this climate stuff, Sri Lanka achieved all climate targets and has a shiny 98% ESG score. Won't be long until we are right there in the gutter with them. That big eared idiot doesn't get his name typed out of my fingers. He can just dig a hole and get in it.

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