I Saw It, So Now You Have To See It Too…

The propaganda is getting cringier.

➡️Self-Awareness Sure Isn’t This Clown’s Strongest Suit… –
➡️When You Fail To Delete That Incriminating Tweet Fast Enough… –
➡️When the People in Charge of Your Health Don’t Know Basic Biology… –
➡️The Lab Rats Down Under –
➡️wut? –
➡️The Interminable Nightmare Down Under –
➡️Code Brown Declared in Victoria as Hospitals Strug—…Hey, Wait A Minute! –
➡️Working to Make a Living is “NOT ESSENTIAL”… –
➡️Australia PM LITERALLY Refers to Those Getting the Shot as “THE SHEEP” –

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  1. I heard my 11 year old niece singing this filth and I asked her where she heard it and she said TikTok. I told her to stay away from TikTok then asked her if she could recite the pledge of allegiance and she said no, I asked her if she could recite the Lord’s Prayer and she said no so I taught those to her. I then asked her to sing another song she learned from TikTok and as she was about to her older sister said don’t you dare! He’s testing you. He just had you recite the Lord’s Prayer, do not follow it with more filth. Our country is in serious trouble.

  2. A well fitted N95 can't even fully keep bondo sanding dust out. I have filled tissues with pink boogers after only an afternoon of bodywork. What do you think it's gonna do for a viral particle?

    My healthy immune system is my defense against whatever brand of cold virus they're marketing today

  3. If the residents don't wear a mask are you going to send police and THE FUCKING ARMY on your own people again?

    All these politicians have a VIP table ready for them in hell.

  4. those mask dont even work…. unless it is a n95 ffp2 mask.. and none of them were wearing one of those….
    tham paper or cloth masks do absoluuuutly nothing!, and as Biden has proved neither does getting a anti shot…

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