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From left to right, from Noam Chomsky to Tucker Carlson, war-skeptical voices are being denounced. Guess who benefits.
#Tucker #Chomsky #MainstreamMedia


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. See who? Do sanctions help do they help you russ.
    Look uk fit in russia how many times? EU know US see SuSuDiOh. Genesis. I can hear it comming in the air you seas salts badge cresent moon see horse shoe. See up turns bowels seas waved neck chain. See Fleetwood Mac Smiths Salvage. See Mary lofthouse Fishermans Friend Blue Neptunes. See pluto highly polished jet black stones. Eye sticks n hoops see hoola hoops crunch of big buttons eye poke nipples greesers crunch see they love it squeels see cats cry. See when doves cry pidgins walters rally eye Collin Macree. See Scooby doobee doo? Scooby snack WRC primed 4×4 turbo drag see injaculates creams up. True pop bang. See whistles whittles turbo jets. See. Pulse jet nattsees. VW
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  2. One week ago, Turkey began a war operation in the Kurdish regions in Iraq. When we will send humanitarian and military help to Iraq? When will we block all the economic relationships with Turkey? What's with the enormous hypocrisy?

  3. Can you please do a video on war in Yemen? I barely know anything about it, people throw it around in comparison with war in Ukraine but NO ONE talks about it more than that!!!

  4. I think the problem is that a lot of the anti-war voices during the Iraq War were Democrats and now that a war is going on with a Democrat in office, they don't want Democrats to be questioned in their judgement. So in other words, the message that's being conveyed is, that if you are anti-war and you are going against a republican then you are in the right. However, if the Democrats are promoting a war and you are anti-war then you should not speak out against it. That is the message being conveyed. So now Democrats are coming off as the pro war party when for many years it was considered to be primarily a republican character trait.

  5. There is no moral or ethical integrity with those who lead the world,
    that is why they hold their position of power so that the world remains in chaos of their making.
    When anarchy reigns then money is made
    and because most of these predicaments are preordained,
    those in the know are filling their coffers with their ill gotten gains at the expense of the people.
    No matter if it a plandemic, threatening war or as simple as relieving farmers of their land for a coal mines,
    the planning has been done and the outcome arranged,
    to benefit those who will see their plans come to fruition with total disregard to anything but the monetary aspect.
    Everything that we have experienced, the suffering that most have endured was all part of their big plan,
    the outcome is yet to be revealed as they herd us this way and that to keep us believing that this all out of their control.
    But it is not,
    we have played right into their hands by being compliant, trusting
    and believing that they do this for the betterment of us all,
    all the while they are manoeuvring us, bereaved of our voices and freedoms and yet we are meant to be grateful for their leadership.
    As someone whose two adored Great Uncles were prisoners in the last world war,
    my heart breaks that the atrocities that they endured to free the world of tyrannical dictatorship was all for naught,
    They were used as we are now,
    as pawns, collateral damage,
    that is why the people must stand together united for the common good of peace
    and to protect ourselves from those who wish us harm.

  6. I would love to end the war in Ukraine and normalize relations with Russia and Ukraine and build up a peaceful government and trade with both nations without corruption and with out oligarchs. But how to do that so the people of both nations live in safe and sane nations with a fair governmental system free from the global cabal.

  7. My God, you are so spot on with that hive-mind analogy of what is being imposed on people. That is EXACTLY the weight I can feel above us all. The companies (and individuals) that pro-actively enforce and promote these views and censorship rules need to be stopped at ANY cost.

    They really are that dangerous to a civilised world and future.

  8. "Compliant little numbskull".
    Oh yeah. Sheeples.
    So when my cousin Terry told me to support Everton, 2 other cousins told me that our Grandfather Jack had always supported the 'Reds', that was all it took for me to become a Shankley/Reds supporter.
    And I ain't never looked back!
    Go Pool!!

  9. Austria for example voted law so who publish or post anything from media wich are sanctioned or banned has to pay 50000 euros fee. In Karhiv (Ukraine) they are arresting journalists if they speak against Zelensky regime..

  10. Russell, when it comes to NATO agresion it is always same narativne from the media in your country's. And you, ordinary people don't care. Maybe sometimes you raise your concern, but that's it. We're all slaves with no power at all, but we still support the sistem every day.

  11. Chomsky certainly is a dyed-in-the-wool avowed anarchist Marxist but that does not mean he has nothing of value to say at all. Censoring him is worse than letting him be heard and making our own judgements. Look at China: tyranny thrives under media control and darkness for dissent.

  12. It can be more simple than legislators not owning defense company stocks: legislators cannot own any stock that might be impacted by any laws they vote on or write or even have impact upon. They might not have to divest the stock, but they would be required to recuse themselves from voting on, authoring, or even debating or discussing those laws. Full and total recusal from even the perception of potential influence!

  13. Listen to Buffy Sainte-Marie song The War Racket – the song tells the story – says it all.

    Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. after war was done there was NO support from the USA for rebuilding their homes and country. Canada left a large majority of the Afghan interpreters and their families there to be killed. So many examples of these atrocities repeated over and over. Mankind?? Who came up with that word??

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