‘I Think You Can Answer That — Yes Or No?’: Cornyn Presses Garland Over School Board Memo

During Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) confronted Attorney General Merrick Garland about the controversial school board memo.


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  1. parents do not have the right to threaten violence and death and what a way to show their kids how to behave! Completely out of control shouting and screaming is 2 yr old behaviour and threats are bullying others to giving in to you no matter what they believe you can take your kids out of school if you want to protest and write letters without demanding everyone does things your way grow up!

  2. President Biden demands all federal departments support Dems without inquiry. Prez Biden quietly appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland as the leader of his personal Gestapo!

  3. Another Trump lackey suddenly interested in the DOJ. Four years of Trump using it as his own law firm to hide his s't and using it to protect his buddies like Stone and Flynn. Four years of watching the caucus of cowards and appeasers, formerly known as the Republican party, justifying Trump's abuse of every branch of government and not one of them had the cojones to stand up to Trump. Now they're just a bunch of losers.

  4. If all these people he just stated are victims of acts of violence maybe we should be looking at what they’re doing that’s causing all these threats of violence it’s pretty evident that we the people are not happy what they’re doing.


    To All Americans Citizens, Government Officials Supreme Court Judges, Congress Senators Governors Mayors Government Agencies Officials,


    Why taking so long to Impeach Joe Biden and the Evil Democrats Officials, how many more Americans deaths that will Satisfy the Supreme Court Judges Congress Senators Governors Mayors Government Agencies Officials to take Actions.

    Is about time to Impeachment to Joe Biden.Jail Joe Biden for the rest of his life to show to All Government Officials they are not Expandable.

    More to Come.for All Government Officials, and All Judges who destroying Americans Citizens, Abused of Powers and America.

    Now to All Americans Citizens you will see the Hypocrite of Kamala Harris,Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters , they will be for holding hands with Joe Biden. to implement Socialism and Controlling
    the Americans People Life just like China Communists Ideology.

  6. The only question Garland should be asked is "Are you going to drop all charges and free Julian Assange? Yes or no?"
    If the answer is anything but yes, then journalism is dead and totalitarianism has taken over America.

  7. Our country has been rapidly, continously in decline since the Biden administration came into office. We have witnessed attacks on our civil and religious rights, and out right of free speach, and of assembly. We our witnessing intrusion by government into our private lives, at a degree, no one could have ever imagine.We have witnessed our schools ,and universities, being indoctrinated with socialist ideology, and "woke" mentality. This administration has been the most inept, corrupt, and most disasterous administration , in history. We have no southern border security, and no willingness on the part of our president, and vicepresident to even go to the border to investigate the crisis in person. We have American soldiers ,,and civilians left behind in Afganistan, to their own fate, not caring about their personal safety and lives. Gas prices at the pumps , have been skyrocketing, since Biden took office, with no change in sight. Food prices have doubled and tripled over the past several months, and many products are still unavailable to customers. We have the justice system passing laws to pressure people to do what they say, or to suffer the consequences. We are being under attack my people elected into power, who have their own political and ideological agenda. It's time Americans speak up, and take back their freedoms once again, and vote these incompetent career politicians out of office….

  8. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–
    Fauci and WHO (whomever) they works for are the real terrorists. State Funded Gain of Function Virus research created Covid 19.

    Despots come in all shapes and sizes. your next door neighbor Karen the masker, Fauci, Bush, Clinton, Gates, Obama, Biden, Nixon, LBJ, FDR, Wilson. Queen, Antifa, Fabians,
    who are the people behind the curtain of this puppet regime? Big Pharma, Big war, Big Government Big Media are at war with the human race.

  9. The AG equates irate, angry parents voicing their disapproval towards their school board's very dubious policies re: what their children are taught, plus, the safety of their children, as "violence and threats of violence" !!?? The school board association's letter to the feds is indicative of local boards condescending, arrogant attitude towards parents and the local community as a whole. The boards and the school systems believe that the children are totally under their control and no one else. This supercilious, smug attitude of school boards is nothing new; they've had that attitude for several decades now.

  10. Cornyn was great. He let Garland answer the way he wanted on the first questions. The final question to Garland "Did you consider…" was to show that he refused to answer when time expired (full knowing he would NEVER answer yes or no). Garland is not a bright lawyer, that was an incriminating question and all he had to do was claim the 5th amendment the 2nd time it was asked and state his refusal to answer was due to the incriminating nature of the question. But because he did not do that the record only showed he refused with no reason. The chair stating that the questioning was going back and forth BEFORE stating time expired was a foul… just simply state the time expired. A subtle but clever trick to add his spin into Cornyn's time of the record, not afterward. Don't worry, Garland slept well, he only has to be grilled for a few minutes at a time – if they could do that for 30 minutes straight, then we would see this crooked old lawyer sweat. They make sure the next person to get the floor is a liberal so a liberal on the hot seat can relax a bit.

    When you make these clips you should always add 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after to show the viewer how liberals do these dirty tricks. They can't do much when a committee member has the floor (that time does not belong to the chair), but after the floor is yielded back to the chair, that is when the real "counter measures" are launched by the "Demosocalibs. You really need to see whole sessions gavel to gavel to see how even a very compelling Q&A can be minimalized.

  11. The Montana U.S. Attorney gave the game away by suggesting federal crimes parents might commit in his response to the memo. One example is "harassment." Harassment is a federal crime and is defined as: "repeated words, conduct, or action that serve no legitimate purpose and are directed at a specific person to annoy, alarm, or distress that person." So if a school board member has no interest in listening to parents (thus serving no legitimate purpose) and causes the school board member annoyance, that makes it a federal crime. That IS chilling to parents wishing to voice their opinions to school board members. Look at what happened in Minnesota – parents forced to dox themselves before being allowed to speak at a school board meeting. Now local agitators can find and actually harass those who chose to speak out, and the school board members are safe from the people they presumably represent.

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