i tried to fix left wing memes (pain)

I, a good Samaritan, review and attempt to improve left wing memes in order to better all of society. I suffer. Join me?

If you want to compensate me for my pain:

Written by FreedomToons


  1. I like that Angry Cops who is a reserve drill sergeant, full-time police officer and former comedian found this to be funny.

    My favorite joke was don't confuse your Google search with my Google search. We all know doctors who have told us they use Google.

  2. Rightists attempting comedy and not understanding just how far along society has moved on without them is just so sad and peak cringe.

  3. Memes on the right: I identify as an ATTACK HELICOPTER!
    Memes on the left: That's why the racist homophobic xenophobic sexist neofascist alt-right neo nazis Proceeds to include the entire constitution/ bill of rights/ and dictionary all in one.

  4. Watching both sides attempt to make memes that were funny 3 years ago makes me depressed. Society’s moved on to amogus and vine booms but you’re stuck in the past

  5. The fact that the only thing that makes Republicans genuinely laugh is the judgment of others says more than any well-educated political argument ever could. Honestly you people are so transparently evil you could say that everyone should be kind to one another and I would immediately replace all of my good mornings with fuck yous just to keep myself as distanced from your ideals as humanly possible

  6. I'm going to use your own line of questioning when it comes to the Google search one: where's your proof who are the people sharing it how do you know they don't have medical degrees and how is this not just pandering cherry-picking

  7. the origin to boys will be boys was from ww2 when a destroyer accidentally sent a live torpedo to a ship transporting the president. thankfully it didn't hit but the crew almost was sent to prison until the president said boys will be bois