I Trusted Fauci for Decades, After This I No Longer Can (Pt. 1) | Dr. Drew | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about how Dr. Fauci lost his trust, how the CDC created vaccine hesitancy, the truth about mask efficacy, and how woke culture is creating a climate where doctors are afraid of being cancelled for stating scientific facts. First, Dr. Drew discusses how the CDC ignored everything it had learned from the HIV epidemic and lost the trust of the public. He explains why Fauci’s denial of gain of function research funding caused him to no longer trust him despite looking up to him for decades. Dr. Drew discusses how people don’t know who to trust for public health advice and why it was such a disgrace that the decisions that Joe Rogan made with his doctor resulted in such an outcry. He also explains why the French vaccine mandate is much more rational than the type we are trying to apply here in the United States.

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  1. I’m in France. This Eu pass has created segregation and also taking way French citizens freedom. If your child is under 5 yrs have monthly visit at the hospital because of a handicap and the parents are not vacainate, your kid can’t get it treatment. So what happened you end up getting it even if you don’t want it.

  2. I saw Faucci years ago talk about not wanting to do gain of function in the usa that is why they are doing it in China the reporter was saying that's not nice to put China at risk – he shrugged – 'rather do gain of function in a far away land'. HE KNEW we were doing gain of function years ago. So my trust went when I saw him pretend not to know what he was being questioned about.

  3. Its not a vaccine the WHO changed the definition short time a go. Its an MRNA Messenger totally untested and the animal test stopped because of the horrific reaction. In some years we will see the effect 😬.

  4. Took awhile for this intelligent, but not necessarily wise man, to have Fauci go from hero to zero in his judgment. But he be like, "yeah, my mother got the vaccine and started immediately going into siezures." Really, what happened? "Oh, she died after a couple hours. But it is really important for you to get vaccinated."

  5. Absolutely NO mandate is good or better than another. Such bullshit. Dr drew is working under the same premise as the left. He's trying to get people to believe that any form of a mandate is good, only if they do it a certain way. NO. Smarten up!!! He's not for the people

  6. Lying is lying and Dr. Fauci is a mass genocidal murderer and continues to do wrong by people. NIH, WHO, etc. are disgusting and could care less about millions dying for no good reason other than "gain of fund" putting out a horrific virus/viruses to kill 80 percent of the world's people is pretty hard to enjoy. I don't like being killed, do you? Would F. man like to be killed? Would his wife like to be killed? Probably no and how dare they play GOD and deem so many to die like it's nothing. F. can mandate all he wants – he is reprehensible (imo).

  7. When has the CDC, Fauci or anyone pushing the vaccine came out and told people to get healthier? Take vitamin C, D and zinc supplements not to avoid contracting the virus but to prepare your immune system for a fight?

    The gain of function issue is a big deal. Someone needs to be held accountable and I get the feeling nobody will.

    So you want me to trust you? Not a chance.

  8. I don't trust the doctor's. They are not owning up to the side effects from these shots. They are not owning up that masks are not good to wear 24/7. Doctors are not owning up that kids don't need these shots when there is a 99.9997 recovery. And they are not owning up that natural immunity is better than, more protection from covid. Especially when you have had it. Doctors won't admit that you have had an adverse reaction from these shots when clearly they have. Trust doctors nah….

  9. He doesn't get it, most doctors are terrified of going against the narrative. If they are associated with a hospital they have to give the CDC narrative. You can't even trust your doctor any more.

  10. 3:04
    If they would have been open and honest up front, they would no longer be in power, with all the deciet we have been through with data… You really think that would happen? HAH!
    Absolutely the "experts" fault, because they are all lying about it all.

    Huge death numbers. 2 years and I still don't know anyone who has died. I don't hear my friends talking about anyone they know dying. I ask around. A few say they know someone who knows someone. I know people who have had covid, lost their smell and taste, etc, but even my old unhealthy father said he has had worse hangovers after he went through it.
    I know it's different for different people, but still haven't seen not heard of the deaths.

  11. Why would you take the shot since you've already contracted the virus and mutations?? This I cannot understand since you now have life long immunity from catching it..whereas the shot only lasts for 2 to 3 months!!

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