I Warned You About DuckDuckGo Bro! Sellout Browser to Tackle “Disinformation”

And the lemmings are jubilant:

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  1. Remember all the doctors who came out in the beginning and they were made to look like they were crazy?
    Well that didn’t age well now did it.
    Truth is coming out about everything and they are trying everything to silent it.
    We are being lied to about everything thing and they have to control the narrative.

  2. To everyone saying to use Brave Search (or startpage) – do not. They both pull their indexes almost entirely from google right now. Do the "Color of Crime" test on any search engine to see if it uses google black lists or not. It's incredibly easy because you can immediately tell which website has been magically made to disappear. Brave Search is still improving their search engine so it may be usable in a year or two, Startpage never will be because it's entire schtick is "google without trackers" so it will ALWAYS include internal google blacklists.

  3. As a DDG user I have been bracing for impact for a while. But I disagree with your power rankings. DDG recently finds things that even google can't. They are improving in localised search results at lightning speed. For example with Brave so far I had many issues with significantly less relevant results. This is not the first time DDG shares concerning ideas. But I did start using DDG mainly because it surpassed google in power but didnt mess with political results to the same pathetic degree. Sad to hear that might change.

  4. Your RT NEWS AND SPUTNIK and Yandex browser are all under contract by the Kremlin and a few extreme liberals in CNN and other news sites pressing some idiotic agenda about jan 6 that no one believes IS A REALLY BIG STEP AWAY for the state runstate controlled propganda outlets function as a mouth pace for a psychopathic dictator in the Kremlin out of Russia there is ZERO alternative outlets coming out of Russia !! Ask yourself why !!

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