I Was Right: Trump Team is Focusing on Constitutional Issues, Not Just Fraud, in Election Suits

And the left is busily character assassinating his team members:


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#Pennsylvania #Constitution


  1. Anytime you see a Youtube video with, "The AP has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden. See more on Google." Make sure you send feedback(left of the show me button) about how it is a lie. The AP does not decide who the President, so that shouldn't be there.

  2. "How come no one challenged the Constitutionality of the law in the year since it was passed?"

    Wow, a whole year, eh? That's, like, forever. Maybe no one challenged the Constitutionality of the law in the last year because to do so you need to have someone with standing who wants to sue. As most of the people who would have been affected by this law were supporters of it, perhaps they didn't think it was unconstitutional and so didn't think to challenge it.

    Is this really all that hard for them to figure out?

  3. Dude your name is terrible but you seem to have had logical arguments both here and on Twitter. So I’m overlooking the satanic reference

  4. Welcome to Pennsylvania! If you're looking for corruption, we've strategically hidden it inside the Liberty Bell, buried in the fields of Gettysburg, submerged in the Three Rivers that surrounded Fort Pitt, wedged in the rocks beneath Fallingwater, between the log cabins at Valley Forge, suspended below the Smithfield Street Bridge, and stuffed in the walls of the Allegheny County Courthouse.

    Around here, we've learned how to make our corruption easier to swallow and more aesthetically pleasing by putting it out of sight, using our rich history.

    Enjoy your stay!

  5. My hunch is that the press got those lights from gitmo so there basically heat lamps used for interrogation, still it won’t work because we all see how the mainstream media rather focus on arcane details.

  6. I really doubt that hair dye was a deliberate tactic. They were GOADING the press to actually cover their message. They weren't going to drown that message with hair dye which is what happened. I'm with you on the rest. Oh… and Powell should lay off QAnon. That stuff's done!

  7. The rebel bishops of the Churches are secretly advising and supporting Trump against the Globalist Great Reset in defiance of the Pope who is clearly a false Pope planted for this moment.
    Good v. Evil is now on.
    Choose your side carefully.

  8. I love your videos but this was a little bit too much Trump 3D chess for me. I think so many times Trump has been outplayed by the Deep State so I am not a big believe in it. For example, Trump’s own DOJ and FBI have run circles around Trump. Trump is still getting punked by Wray as we speak and Trump has not even fired him yet.

  9. I don't know, maybe I should be sticking MY hand out for all this Govt. Gravy Train as promised by Biden. Maybe I should support EVERY tax hike if it means more money for me. I will be among the last generation getting a full social security benefit in about 5 years so I tell all of you young idealistic misguided souls: "Get your ass back to work and pay for MY monthly check!" Hey, that wasn't so hard. Maybe there IS something to this democrat money tree. Now GET BACK TO WORK!!

  10. ahahahahaha this is hilarious your dumb orange oaf shot himself in the
    foot telling you morons not to vote by mail for months because why worry
    about covid let's have big dumbfolk rallies of no mask wearing. us
    democrats wore our masks social distanced voted by mail because we trust
    science not your right wing idiot conspiracy theories. we will crush
    you over the next four years because you are a danger to democracy u
    filthy dirtbag facist bastards

  11. I find it hard to beleive you that AOC would rather bitch about what she thinks the world should be instead of putting the actual work in to help things. She is too bold and brave to just sit on her ass living cushy off the people and make bad social media posts. She demands change!

  12. Hey there Styxhexenhammer 666, long time no see and hear! Always enjoyed hearing your thoughts on all sorts of topics and issues. So good having found you again on YouTube. Stay clear and healthy, your fan Christa.