I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump

After researching all of the facts from this video it only made sense to vote for Donald Trump. Seriously put all petty issues aside. Put all the fake twisted “facts” you hear on social media and do the research yourself.

The two things that mean the most to me are the protection of our constitutional rights and equality for all.

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Written by Bedros Keuilian


  1. Amen brother!!! We are all American!!! No matter what color. If you go all the way back to the beginning, we are all brothers. I am so glad all people are seeing this. God bless you!!!
    God Bless America!!! ???????

  2. I am so proud to say I'm an American like you and glad to see people like you see the truth and stand up for what's right. If more people would research the facts and find out the truth Biden wouldn't get any votes! Thank You!

  3. I'm glad people see more than just skin color- I have been demonized for being born white and it's the 1 thing none of us can change & it's being used to divide us for those who know no better… it's sad!
    People still do judge by content of character besides what the media says

  4. Brother, you are a true hero!!! I was in Philly the other day, and saw Biden gravy train. Black folks vote with their hearts, not brains

  5. Who LOVES ? BIDEN ?and HUNTER???
    1. CHINA
    2. UKRAIN
    3. IRAN
    5. TWITTER
    8. California and their HUGE undocumented (illegal alien) workforce
    9. Google’s H1-B employees
    10. Bars and strip clubs.

  6. The absolute lies that are being posited in this video. I could debunk. I could break this guy down with just absolute truths. This man is purposefully sugarcoating Trump’s record (or lying) while doing demonizing Biden’s record (it again absolutely lying). There is too much stuff in here for me to debunk in one writing, I would have to write an entire article.

  7. People don't even know why they dislike someone…following a trend is not where its at!!! Do your own research we need to keep America Great! MAGA

  8. Now this guy is on point!!! Need smarter people of all colors and creeds just like him!!! People that actually take it upon themselves to educate themselves as opposed to letting FAKE NEWS educate them!!!! Especially his comment on being AMERICAN and not black!!! Amen!!! Now the far left quack Dumbocrats will call him racist!!

  9. People just seem to think Bidens a better person because most of us have never heard anything about him . What about all this stuff going on now?? It all has nothing to do with Trump . I think you got more then just his Vote ❤