I’d Rather Be Tortured Than Watch This Show

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Apple TV releases the trailer for Hillary Clinton’s new reality show, Gutsy.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. Nothing disgusts me more than people in power writing their own story and forcing everyone to believe their skewed version of themselves , especially when it’s all false. Sorry Hillary, you’re not a hero, you’re a zero!

  2. Hilary’s logic- A real woman can be a biological man, anyone who feels like a woman is a woman. Not able to define exactly what a woman is, yet makes a show celebrating women, only including real, biological women.
    Let’s face it, even the left know the truth that it’s all bs. They’re just too chicken to speak the truth.

  3. So this woman is know for the crimes she’s committed and she is put on a pedastool.

  4. Does no one else find that hilarious that you guys are so insecure that if someone you don't like produces any form of media, you claim to rather be physically tortured then watch said media….

    Does anyone over the age of 20 watch this guy?

  5. Too bad it's not REAL reality , because then it would show all the death, murders, drugs , money laundering , extortion that she has caused or ordered in her wonderous shining life !
    It takes a decadent , declining society to show an evil person as the good guy doesn't it ?
    Where's my f!ckin barf bag ?

  6. Very narcissistic, but to be fair, Hillary did warn us about Putin long time ago, while Merkel was selling Europe to him on the advise of a 15 year old indoctrinated little girl.

  7. I used to be a huge Goldie Hawn fan, but after seeing her in the trailer I just can't look at her the same. This is complete garbage and I will never like or admire Hillary. She isn't for empowering women at all and the women that fall for her lies are stupid sad to say.

  8. What a pile of shite that Clinton show is..imagine if trump was doing all that type of shit after losing the would be so pathetic..but its different when Hillary does it

  9. She is gutsy the fact that this witch and her daughter have the nerve to still show her face is outstanding, the nerve of that women ..Its funny that Kim Kardashian is on that show being that I'm still waiting for her and that narcissistic family to go hid in a cave these women these day have me ashamed to even share the same genetic make-up!!!

  10. as soon as i saw Kim Kardashian i knew this was bullshit. she’s gutsy because she stayed with the President of the United States?? yeah she got zero benefit from that i’m sure🙄.. i guess Ray Rice’s wife is gutsy too for taking that hit and not leaving.. gtfoh

  11. "…I just want whites to get a GED in blacks."

    Not that interested nor consider it an important enough subject to pursue, thanks, but should I want or need to I'm sure I'll manage to figure things out on my own. Hahahahahaa. Hahahahahahaa.

    I like how Chelsea didn't smile or laugh. Intuition kicking in? Something not quite right? Yes Chelsea, they were talking about you. Oh, and your mom too. Whether she's laughing about it or not.

  12. The last thing we should be watching are these thots. Who are no more…and no less, then an extension
    a of a criminal organization placed to deceive the sheeple, while selling out the United States and the world, in exchange for wealth and power.
    They will not succeed.

  13. The woman wants whites to get a GED in blacks. How about getting your kids to take real subjects in high school? How about lowering your drop-out rate, consistently the worst in my lifetime (68 yoa). How about reading to your kids, your babies? She doesn't have a Masters in white. It's all about her. Ignore us evil ones and go accomplish things. It's all about her.

  14. The qualifications for Apple TV star:
    – War criminal
    – Paid assassinations of political threats
    – Embezzlement of disaster funds
    – Accepting bribes from foreign governments for sale of domestic defence technology and critical assets (Uranium mines)

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