Idiots Are Just Discovering That This War Is Dangerous

Everyone who acts like it’s a new and unprecedented horror whenever Putin reminds the west that Mutually Assured Destruction still stands is just admitting that they never understood what’s at stake in this proxy war and always thought this was some kind of fucking game.

“Oh my God, he’s saying he might use nukes!” Yeah that’s what happens when you start a war with a fucking nuclear-armed nation, dipshit. That’s why you’re a fucking moron for yelling at those of us who’ve been calling for de-escalation and detente. Change how you are. Stop cheerleading this insane game of nuclear chicken and begin calling for de-escalation.

It’s so crazy how people pretend the US wouldn’t use nukes in response to the exact same type of attacks that Putin is warning against. Like we all know this isn’t some weird new threat that Vladimir Putin invented, right? Do we understand that this is the very reason antiwar activists have spent years warning against this exact confrontation and calling for detente instead?

This shouldn’t scan as something new for you. If Putin reiterating the longstanding principle of Mutually Assured Destruction makes you freak out like something new is being said, it’s because you didn’t pay attention in history class. If you were previously unaware that the threat of nuclear annihilation was baked into this proxy war from the very beginning, that just means it’s time to reassess your support for this proxy war.

Yes this situation is insanely dangerous. No that’s not because of anything Putin has been saying.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Here's my prediction.

    The Russian army will continue to degrade the Ukrainian military, aiming at and annihilating their most experienced troops whilst contacting their command and control encouraging them to defect or surrender rather than die.

    Out of the blue we'll wake up to a ceasefire.

    My position may sound like wishful thinking, but soldiers resolve soon abates after months of high alert and mental and physical fatigue in the combat zone. One of their commanders will either convince Zelensky to sue for peace or there will be a mutiny and he'll be stiffed by one of his own with more pragmatism than their Coke addled 'leader'.

  2. Yeah I basically lost hope once Biden was "elected". Clearly, all the worst people in the world – literally – are back running the show. We saw the 7+ wars they started since 2001… and they got really itchy fingers under Trump. Now, just 18 months in, it's obvious what trajectory the world is on now. Quite frightening. And I really feel sorry for all those who were so sure Trump would start a major war, while being completely oblivious to the real threats. Sadly, it's them and their sons who are going to be drafted to fight these wars.

  3. .. Maybe if Americans won't take to the street and protest like other countries do maybe we can just not show up at the gas station or the grocery store and shut down those sales for a few days to say this is enough.. Walk out Monday no gas. Walk out Tuesday everybody sick. Walk out Thursday nobody goes to a restaurant. No more war Friday nobody goes to the movies

  4. Nuclear apocalypse has been a mathematical certainty since the very second they were created, it's been a countdown since then…Could very well be this proxy war that unleashes the mushroom clouds, could be the next one with China, we don't know, what we do know is that every ruling class detaches itself from reality and finds itself completely out of touch, until 100 million people are murdered, and many countries are destroyed, that tends to snap them back into reality, but it only lasts a generation or two, and the cycle repeats…Europe and America have soooo much invested in this proxy war, backing down isn't an option for the criminally insane decision makers, it's hard to see how this ends in anything other than apocalypse, time will tell.

  5. All those who are long in tooth remember how close we came to nuclear war twice within a few month in 1961 and 1962. The Belin crisis and the Cuban crisis had students diving under their desk practicing for a nuclear bomb landing on them. This history seems to have been put in the dust bin for the leaders running our country. The !% and their paid government lackeys seem willing to risk the 99% lives to protect their MIC profits.

  6. Side effect of expanded consciousness: seeing the horror that most people want to rationalize away with thoughts. A living nightmare. We didn't say it was going to be all angels and thrones, it's mostly just the threat of thermonuclear annihilation and loving what is.

  7. WEF scenario: defeat Russia, wean Europe off fossil fuels to reduce Carbon Emissions, starve the non European world, reduce population especially of non Europeans through war, starvation and virus, reorganise the world to ensure continued European domination and US hegemony, save the European elites (including Jews).

  8. The US empire is the deadliest Empire in the world. The US led wars from the deep state and gov are the deadliest wars in history. The US led financial system is the most deadliest in history and yet people still romanticize the US gov as some kind of world justice department and never question their actions: They are nothing more than morally corrupt people!

  9. How did people get so stupid? Fluoride. It's a main ingredient in many antidepressants, but people suck it up from other sources. They drink it like it's water (It's in the water, duh). You can even pay extra for fluoride laden water for baby. Can't give babies a chance at clear thinking, can we? I know – "but, but, but yadayadablahblah…" Suckers.

  10. We're suffering this level of public ignorance about geopolitics because the neo-liberal/neocon alliance has successfully stupiyfied the American people over the last three decades. By focusing media attention on only matters of identity, and describing that very trivial matter as the apex of politics has resulted in a populace that has no conception of international affairs or of the dangers of war

  11. It was obvious from the beginning of this war that it was going to escalate to a dangerous level, easy at least for those who were paying attention and using their intelligence.

    It could have been easy for western powers to avoid this war, but they chose to allow it, and we could even say that they provoked it by insisting to install offensive weapons in Ukraine aimed at Russia.

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