If Biden Wins it Will be a Testament to Propaganda and Ignorance

genericIf an alzheimers inflicted elderly dude who peddled influence as VP manages to win? What does that say about our nation?


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  1. My moms & I would criticize oBomba for the drone strikes, the suspension of Habeas Corpus, first American assassination, the new wars, all of it.
    But when Trump got elected…."He is absolutely the worst President ever in history" & when I tried to point out oBomba's mistakes & failures & she…."Is your problem with Obama that he's black?"
    I kid you not dudes & dudettes. My own Mother used politispeech to accuse me of racism simply because I believe in being fair. In comparison to oBomba, Trump is doing pretty good. Hasn't killed an American Citizen….. I've lost all faith in America tbh. if that can happen. Let Civil War come. Can't even have honest debates & discussions with my own KIN.

  2. Ya know? I like this current sitcom and I'd like see it run another 4 seasons. However, if they pull the plug on this one in couple of weeks, I'm thinking we've got an even better one that'll come in and replace it.

  3. Trump has done everything in his power to be accepting of the left's complaints, but every time he does something right they get more violent. Feed them to the dogs.

  4. From the ' METRO ' newspaper today 20th Oct 2020… Ahem… " The number of people dying at home from illnesses other than Covid – 19 has rocketed since lockdown." "Figures from the Office of National Statistics for March to September reveal that almost 1,000 deaths are being recorded every week – Up 26,000 on the same period last year. "

  5. I completely disagree that Biden would "do nothing". He's already stated that he would bring back the TPP.. The multinational free trade NAFTA on steroids expansion deal of the Pacific with its investor-state tribunals which prevent any sort of legal or national policy from getting in the way of corporate profits. It doesn't functionally matter who you elect then because the rules will not be governed by your democratically-elected leadership at the national level, but instead by these unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable to anyone international tribunals.

    Kiss democracy goodbye.

  6. If Biden wins, it'll be due to election fraud. Even if Trump wins, it won't amount to a hill of beans if the Dems wind up controlling the House and Senate–again, due to election fraud.

  7. The whole anti-Trump movement is about power: in 2016 Dems thought they were getting the White House (changed Senate rules for SC Justices,) both legislative houses, and in essence, the Supreme Court. Dems really lost all three. So, if Biden gets elected, they're on their way back, first thing they'll do is get rid of the far left, they're just simply in the way; Soros and others will stop funding the crazy leftist and it's over, peons will be serving the elite, i.e. back to normal.

  8. The main reason the DEMs and Deep state are trying to keep troops in "wars" is simply because they don't want Trump to have that win. Yea service members are dying for that.

  9. The left have paid for Kamala Harris and they will get what they paid for; she is the Green New Deal enforcer hired to destroy companies thru regulation to pave the way for more compliant Dem donor companies. She endorses mass cheap labor for her Silicon Valley donors; her sister's husband was Eric Holder's personal wing man, Tony West. Again, they will get what they paid for.

  10. The public is being FED LIES and PROPAGANDA 24/7 from the full force of the Mainstream Media, Hollywood (pop culture), Academia and BIG TECH. If they weren't being lied to, I think a lot more people would be 'less stupid'.

  11. I just saw my 3rd car today with the hood wrapped in "TRUMP 2020" livery.

    One was a Prius.

    I'm in California.

    I have not seen 1 single Biden sticker or flag or political sign.

    Where is Biden's base?