“If BRICS Prevail We Will See a New Global Economic Order”, says Prof. Everisto Nebyera.

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Video chapters:

00:00 Introduction
02:20 BRICS Summit and a new reserve currency
02:37 Dollar is a political instrument
03:10 Reserve currencies come and go
03:39 IMF’s abuse of SDR currency
04:10 A multipolar economic order
04:32 BRICS currency will underwrite sovereignty
06:57 Can Africa and Global South trust Russia and China?
10:42 Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar
14:30 Economics consequences for the US from a BRICS reserve currency
22:15 BRICS acquiring gold reserves
23:29 Birth of dollar hegemony
24:10 Wars and reserve currencies
29:19 Cicero and wars
30:50 Last words from professor Benyera

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with professor Everisto Nebyera from the University of South Africa or UNISA in Pretoria.

We went over the Global South’s perspective of the current struggle for world currency dominance between the dollar and a new emerging BRICS reserve currency.


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  1. Mario….this was a very interesting interview……it is great to have a variety of viewpoints ….which you do…..but this more recent guest Prof Everisto Nebyera……really spoke about some interesting points…..points where you would want to think about what he said….keep up the good work!!!

  2. While the West has mismanaged its finances (to varying degrees by individual nations), to think that “the global South” hitching their collective fortunes to Russia and China will result in anything but economic collapse and mass starvation is laughable. We’ve been hearing the professor’s Marxist point of view since the late sixties. Political corruption (and its inevitable interference in free market capitalism) is the root of all the problems we face today. Anyone who believes that Russia and China are the solution needs their head checked.

  3. Very good interview, thank you.
    From a slightly different angle, when/if the US currency goes down, will their ‘allies’ start to reorientate themselves. I find Spain’s close relationship with South America food for thought, especially as within the EU they are rather swept aside by Germany and France. Lots to think about, what strange times these are.

  4. It’s gonna be a dirty low down fight so expect the worse .
    War monger USA make the mafia saints
    Every foul sickening trick every threat esp every bribe known to man willbe used .
    BRICS have to play to the bitter end
    You not seen nothing yet .

  5. You see the enemy is not the American people ! It’s the 1% of the world led by USA G7 an there wealth an power in dollars .
    They will sink the worlds economy if it will batter chinas output an Russia s raw material AND the oil gas food nations .
    They don’t care if it ruins the G7 /EU
    As they are already ruining there own economy !!!!!!!!!
    The people suffer the 1% float as a turd in the pool , rest of us sink into the shit .
    Aim to destroy the BRICS as they are Europe .

  6. Daniel 7:6 CSB
    "After this, while I was watching, suddenly another beast appeared. It was like a leopard with four wings of a bird on its back. It had four heads, and it was given dominion.

  7. The global puppet masters don't care which countries are in power or have the reserve currency. They pull all strings in all countries. The real thing they worry about is the masses waking up and realising it. If we all stoped useing their systems paying their taxes and adhering to their woke laws and rules they would be done. Things need to go back to being local. Not gloabel.

  8. He’s right on a lot of things. The U.S. got out of a Great Depression through war.

    But it wasn’t Keynes that setup the dollar. Luke gromen on YouTube talks about it. Keynes wanted a currency so as you imported more and more imports would get more expensive and then you’d start exporting more. Bretton woods went with the U.S. guy not Keynes idea.

    But you have to remember also that the government is different then the people. A lot of people know the U.S. wasted trillions in the Middle East. Iraq and Lybia was illegal and bush and Obama probably should be tried for war crimes using drones on civilians. I suspected trump wouldn’t get reelected because trump knows war is BAD for the U.S. Remember there’s the military complex and a few rich people like politicians doing insider trading and lobby money. Trump wasn’t a career politician. He had mean tweets whatever but his policies were in a different direction. Trump was the first president in how many decades to meet with North Korea? War is only good for the rich and is horrible for the average American. That money printing causes inflation at home. For the past decade it’s been in assets but has finally moved to consumer prices. Russia and China is waking up the west and I hope they succeed in a new currency. The dollar is a privilege to be a reserve currency and it’s been abused a lot.

    He’s right that the U.S. will try to get into war because that helps the rich and maybe can save the dollar but who knows. A WW3 doesn’t seem good. I’d rather see several currencies used then just the dollar and avoid a war. Better yet would be for the BRICs to use a bi metallic system of gold and silver. You can use crypto or blockchain or Chinas version of swift to trade and then settle in physical metal. It prevents inflation or large government spending. But look at China doing a CBDC for years now tied fo social credit scores. That’s pretty tyrannical and I hope the EU and US fails and doesn’t do a CBDC cause a CBDC is essentially a coupon since it can be programmed to be on or off kr worthless. So the brick nstions hopefully won’t use a CBDC cause if there’s contention then China ir Russia could make another country currency holding go to zero. I think settling in physical metal would force honesty but it’s sad China isn’t promoting that with its own people. It’s like the U.S. during the Great Depression. The U.S. stole all the gold and made gold illegal to own for Americans and used gold for international trade. Chinas not banned gold interestly though. China doesn’t want to give up the power to print money. Power loves having a printing press.

    Idk if the U.S. would go to a third world for long. It depends where. Parts of California already is like a third world country with rolling black outs and tent cities making parts of Mexico look modern. Some bet the Us will just break up. What would be nice is not if the US broke up, but just went back to the model before the federal reserve in 1913. Using gold and silver. You can have a small federal government, no foreign troops and europe can pay for its own military. That’d hurt the RICH people but it’d be great for the average American. Wages and assets rose together before 1971 when dollars were backed by gold and after 1971 wages stagnated and assets skyrocketed. There was inflation and then 40 years of lower interest rates. The issue I see like luke gromen points out is the U.S. kept the dollar or price of oil within a certain range so in 2008 or 09 the US should have raised rates to keep oil stable and it would have saved the currency but the US chose bailing out Wall Street and has been helping out Wall Street since.

    He says if the dollar fails the U.S. is screwed. That’s true. But look at Germany or Japan after WW2. They developed pretty good. I think the U.S. can have hyperinflation if all the dollars come back but it might cause enough pain to amend the constitution to say only gold and silver is money or someway cap federal government spending. Hopefully the U.S. won’t do a CBDC. The fourth turning guy says there’s cycles of populations and we’re nearing a massive change cycle just looking at history.

  9. Thank you Maneco, really like this video, Prof Evaristo is a kind & clever person, his last comment was really nice, we should be able to talk about our beliefs without fear, aiming to improve the status quo,

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