If Cell Phone Geolocation Doesn’t Work, Then Why Do So Many Federal Agencies Use It

If cell phone geolocation doesn’t work, why are so many federal agencies using it?

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Dinesh D’Souza is an author and filmmaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he was a senior domestic policy analyst in the Reagan administration. He also served as a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

He is the author of many bestselling books, including “Illiberal Education,” “What’s So Great About Christianity,” “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” “Death of a Nation,” and “United States of Socialism.”

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  1. Dinesh they also have the phone data on all of the 107,000 drug overdose victims in 2021 as well as those who overdosed and died toady! "They" have known all the drug dealers, all the supply chain, all the drug users — for years!!!

  2. yea the military can put a missle in a window from 1000's of miles from the target they need to open their eyes. they dont want to
    say it is accurate because then they would have to say tea 2000 mules is accurate and truthfull

  3. How far back can this data be gotten? Could it be used to find out who placed the skids of bricks in streets all across america during the george floyd riots? Or who got bussed in for the roy moore election, or where the orange hats came from before and went to after the election protest? And very many other things.

  4. So they can have it both ways. Absolutely the ACLU is correct here. If people really knew what they were "consenting to" (not informed consent as they're mindlessly clicking through – but legally binding), they'd want California's & Switzerland's etc privacy laws. About the only thing CA got right. Cookies, trackers, all phone permissions, name it. They're pulling in all this data they store, which supposedly cannot be used against you unless under investigation. Oh, well let's open an investigation because that's an extremist. Words are violence now after all. So is silence (see first line.) By extremists we mean pointing out our flaws, corruption, crimes, kickbacks, news that counters the narrative of X, Y & Z any given day created by a predictive text buzzword generator it seems. Or Kamala. Right now its finding a needle in a haystack if searching for general information, an unknown indiviual etc. What happens when everything that happens in the world is processed & stored, filed away correctly forever? Things like that surely would never be abused! Aka doesn't vote the "correct" way, so we're going to pass things like HR 4350 while trying to remove 95% of firearms now, the 5% later, pump 80$M into "initiatives" to create a desired outcome through any number of means. Virus that never left, never will is "back" so I guess we need to lockdown again, whatever it is. We need another Shadow cabal to install X because our "new" Americans don't like or vote for our nonsense either, so on. Data rights is a big breach of privacy that should have been addressed long ago. Same with 230, not holding my breath. Cheers.

  5. Be brave to give up the festive tinsel and the sparkle of artificial lights. Come out into the open space of the universe! Discover distant worlds for yourself; conquer the dazzling snow-white summits of divine consciousness within yourself!

  6. Not 30 feet accuracy within inches is possible with some situations and camera recordings can make recalibration within inches with sparse pings in remote locations possible .

  7. YOUR (or 2000 Mules) use of the cellphone tracking is only worthless when YOU use it! Yet they will absolutely use this data when it suits THEIR purposes!! 🙄

  8. I'm spreading my thoughts everywhere.. elections are not going to fix our country .. they are all corrupt and all have the same appetite…
    We must control our money.. don't buy unnecessary stuff and don't buy from corporate companies

  9. Every adult knows there was massive election fraud just from the circumstantial evidence.
    It's seems silly to discuss whether geolocation does what it obviously does, or whether universal mail-in ballots violating The Constitution did what they did, or whether unprecedented stopping of election counting in swing states at 10:30 PM was for the reasons it was obviously for.

  10. Yea, we could pick up the "mules" for questioning and then move up to the Ballot distribution office officials but no law enforcement has happened. One could conclude that Law Enforcement, controlled by politicians, doesn't want to know which is to say they support selective lawlessness. Of course, this inaction makes them co-conspirators in election fraud and they should be exposed by the media (MSM in particular) to the public but our media overwhelmingly supports Democrat lawlessness. "Lies, deceptions, every day more lies" should be another Democrats Party Platform "plank" statement. In fact, it should be their (DNC) foundational platform statement along with "Better to Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven"… Anyone who reads my remark should read 2 Chronicles 7:14. Put God's Word to the test (that's why it was left there!) and show Him you're approved because nothing on Earth is going to save America from the Fascist Authoriatian Anti-Constitutional Left (Democrats) who run the Federal Government, overwhelmingly control the unelected Agencies or Shadow Government, the MSM with Big-Business Social Media allies at this late date.

  11. It isn't as accurate in this case Dinesh, because you are using it to prove the machine, our government, is corrupt!! When our satellites can see a tag on a car, these can track you within feet.

  12. Mommy mommy mommy, can I have a cookie? U JUST HAD 😇noo×! Mommy come hear Joey, sit, here,,,, tv,,,remot,, turn it on Joey! Is that U on tv????Joey***yes Is THAT YOURE HAND IN THE COOKIE GAR? 😟🙄😈NOO? Mommy!

  13. It's far worse than just geolocation. Many of these apps will not work unless you give them permission to access everything; from your phone contacts to your photos, your text messages, your camera and microphone, ALL your personal info.

  14. Everything i do is tracked. I can watch an ad and suddenly i'm bombarded with information about it. I can by a pizza and on my phone i get offers from so many pizza places. Every site I visit on the internet is tracked. 1984 was prophetic.

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