If Jordan Peterson’s New Book Upsets You Watch This (Pt.1)| Douglas Murray | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Douglas Murray (author of ‘The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity’) about what he learned from spending time with Antifa during protests in Portland, his thoughts on Trump’s voter fraud claims, and the take over of mainstream media by fragile woke millennials who cry at the announcement of Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. First, Douglas shares his thoughts on the severe media bias that is pushing people like Bari Weiss out of the New York Times and Suzanne Moore out of the Guardian. He also has some harsh words for the woke millennial and Gen Z employees at Penguin Random House who were crying at the news that they would be publishing Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. Douglas has some advice for how companies that have been taken over by diversity, equity, and inclusion, should deal with absurd employee demands.

This interview with Douglas Murray was taped on 11/25/20 before Thanksgiving.

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  1. I can feel the annoyance in his voice, the frustration of today's youth, who's simplistic ideas of the world have no basis because no, you can't have or do whatever you want as your parents naively and continuously informed them

  2. I didn't go to university. Hell I almost didn't bother going to college. I didn't want to lose my brains which seems to me to be the common denominator with all these leftie social justice types. They're all university students or recent graduates who have had their brains poisoned by bitter adults who are using their position to correct what they perceive to be wrongs committed against them when they were younger.

    I'm at the point now that I don't even engage with them anymore because what's the point? You'll either be told to "educate yourself" even when you have irrefutable evidence to backup your arguments, or just flat out called a Nazi. I've cut out anyone in my life who has these questionable morals. If they were really my friends they wouldn't be so quick to retort with the usual vile leftists come out with. Overall, I've found I'm much happier in life so doing so.

  3. Maybe schools horribly punishing bullying is a bad idea.

    I was bullied all the way through high school, by both boys and girls. Several bullies knocked me off my bike in middle school.

    The reaction of their mother, a grade school teacher, was to learn to give her sons black eyes.

    A couple of girls made harassing phone calls in high school.

    But, it made me emotionally tough. So, when I was a practicing lawyer and got beat up in court, it didn't create lasting trauma.

  4. I have the greatest respect for you both and liked the video. In my opinion, the long term solution is to stop the snowflake indoctrination at its source, and I haven't seen that a real effort being made to that end. Just like any fundamentalist religious indoctrination, it's extremely difficult to undo. Firing woke journalists is fine, but in the long run it serves as a mere band-aid solution.