‘If Only We Had A [Central] Queensland Gas Pipeline To Alleviate Our Supply Issues…’

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  1. Hmmmmm sad that Queensland has an incompetent tyrant dictator for premier that is all for reducing the population and controlling the remaining population.
    She needs to be JAILED with her World Economic Forum mate's and eat Insects.

  2. According to the police woman on 10 news tonight they are now asking the public to dob people in who are conspiracy theorists or anti government as they would “like to know” please find that clip. Interesting stuff 6pm news channel 10.

  3. What you ment to say is we do not have any rights to our gas nationally even could not make HHO generation with out giving it to BHP is that not right Madeline King Mark Mcgowen and our Mr keep the boat people out and let the gas giants in Mr COWARD HOWARD war criminal 911 himself ANYONE ELSE WANTING A THIRD OPTION A 3RD PARTY ONE THAT WELL WILL PUT THEM TO SHAME BY DESIGN
    Guess I must present what I have In mind and kind .So it is not supply that is the issue it is the rights you lobbyist sold this country out to rhetorically speaking

  4. I warned in 2021 that it would be worse for Queenslanders in 2022, this has been confirmed with engineered high inflation and energy prices, 2023 will be even worse for Queensland even the right to vote has been denied in 20203 the Queensland state election has been cancelled, the next state election will be in 2024, all the damning evidence is right before us.
    She's a gang stalker, she doesn't want anybody standing in her way, not even the LNP or One Nation. The agenda they are pushing is a global issue and the best of the best are on to it. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023.

  5. frackin is fuckin this land big time.

    the politician's have private members agreements with the world shadow governments private members association. which means they can only perform for the best interests and end result for their association not for the best interests of this land and not for the best interests of the nation.

    since the Whitlam gov signed the Lima Agreement the mineral wealth of this land is controlled and the base profits goto the UNITED NATIONS.

    Userpt by the UN have we been.

    its pretty fucking obvious weve been gagged and raped as a nation

  6. Say goodbye to The Great Artesian Basin. The largest fresh water aquifer in the entire world which could of sustained the planet forever.

    Forever polluted

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