If the coerced consensus was right, it would be naturally contagious (from Livestream #130)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #130 (originally streamed live on June 11, 2022):

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  1. I'm unvaxxed. I identify as triple vaxxed.
    I only have money for an economy ticket but I identify as the pilot.
    and….F–K it, My pronouns are " Dead sexy".

  2. Yes, how tiny is that number that yhink like that…as my daughter continues with her rhetoric loudly complaining, " God! Im surrounded by Conservatives "
    Me rolling my eyes.

  3. The name is Absolute Control of the Media, which will soon be demonstrated by the Trial of Julian Assange. A young German Journalist recently received a letter from the German Govt notifying her that she is to be charged with Treason (like Julian Assange). Her Bank Account in Germany was frozen. Soon afterwards her father’s Bank Account was frozen. There is little difference between Germany today, and that of the 1930’s — the same holds for other Members of NATO. The qualifications of scientists are meaningless: they must adhere to the “truth” espoused by the Ruling Gangsters.

  4. jabs every 3 months. Are they truly "vaccinated". Have they got their 5th autoimmune shot now ? People being tricked is not free will. I am sad about people tricked are now compromised with autoimmune responses. Trickery is not free will.

  5. You hit the nail right on the head this is a tyranny of a tiny minority. It was the indoctrination through our school systems that easily was disseminated throughout every sphere of society. Within a few short decades the young impressionable minds permeate every level of influence in society. It was the complacency and apathy of the majority thinking that the small radical minority could never gain a foothold. If you radicals and so-called conspiracy theorists were silenced as Fringe elements to our own detriment. We are living in a time of a mass formation hypnosis the evidence is undeniable and now those that have fallen prey to the bizarro world are the ones wielding power of government of military police. They are The gatekeepers, they are the rule makers, they are the judges the lawyers the policy makers the professors and institutional authorities. We have suddenly found ourselves on our back having to fight for reason in an unreasonable world.

  6. We haven't seen anything yet. And apart from Christ, things are not going to end well for anyone, regardless of the steps they take at this point.

    All these guys/leaders are all, knowingly or unknowingly, playing their respective roles in bringing things to the point that will have it all "set up" for the next ONE world leader who's soon to come on scene.

    The man otherwise known as the "antichrist".

    And you don't want to be here when that guy goes public.

    You don't want to be left behind when millions upon millions disappear soon.

    It won't be aliens nor climate change, it'll be Jesus came back for His born again Church.

    One can scoff, but we were told over 2,000 years ago it would go down this way, and here we sit right at the "brink" of that.

    Believe and put your trust in Jesus today for the forgiveness of your sins if you haven't yet, and you'll go up to meet Him that day He comes for all those who've put their trust in Him.

    Let today be the day of your salvation. (Romans 3:10/23, Romans 6:23, John 3:16/17, John 6:29, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 10:13).

    Jesus loves you and is hoping you do.

  7. The consensus was driven by fear and a call for people to sacrifice for the greater good. Both of these are appeals to the emotions and not to the mind.
    Even after the consensus is discredited, people brainwashed in this way do not abandon the consensus and act rationally.
    The reason is : An idea that was not planted by logic will not be uprooted by logic.

  8. When the majority wake up to discover how few people have been coercing Western society….the tiny minority will be in deep, deep trouble. The correction with be swift, direct & painful.

  9. I lived as a trans woman for the past decade. In the beginning I was worried about imposing on people or making them uncomfortable, though fortunately it didn't turn out that way – I put a lot of effort into fitting in and people seemed to like me. Generally I never spoke about being trans, didn't mention it on any applications or bother acquaintances with this overly personal aspect of my life. The push for everyone to announce their pronouns all the time made me uncomfortable from the beginning. What I realized is that trans people are just props for liberals to use in the culture war and virtue signal about. Back in 2012 we had a real shot of blending in and being accepted, but that wouldn't be good for the culture war. After passing gay marriage, regular gay people were not enough to troll the conservatives about, so trans people became one of their favorite props. No trans person on TV for the past 10 years spoke for me, and the media has set us back and ruined any chance of trans people being truly accepted in my life time. Conservatives hate us more than ever, and liberals are just bullied into virtue signaling but they don't sincerely like us either. Fortunately I'm older now and I got to experience enough of the life I dreamed about as a kid, that I am satisfied and don't care too much about sex and gender any more. I stopped taking my hormones, and since I never did any surgeries I'm just reverting back to my natural state. With the world being forever changed by the pandemic, I am more interested in building a family and having children, and not interested in having any further contact with the medical quacks.

  10. Now I have a friend named Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla,
    and I could say that Rufus found a kangaroo
    that followed Rufus home
    and now that kangaroo belongs
    to Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla.

    Whew! I could say that, but I don’t have to
    ‘Cause I have pronouns I can say,
    “HE found a kangaroo that followed HIM home
    and now IT is HIS.”

    The preferred pronoun crowd can suck on that!

  11. my local chemist said I would have to sign a consent form.
    for there to be legal consent I have to be free of coercion or threats. unfortunately the CEO of my company on tv threatened all my fellow employees with termination unless we got the jab making legal consent unavailable making the company direction an iligal policy. staff would have to commit an iligal act.
    lie on a statutory document.

  12. If there was real equality between men and women, then there would be no problem with people switching between the two. It is people who are opposed to equality who want to "prevent men from becoming women" and yet there is no outrage about "women becoming men". The reason to me is obvious, there is already female superiority and they do not want men to be able to gain equality with them by gaining protections only intended for women.

    I support all of the trans stuff as a means to reach true gender equality. Any law you write that benefits one should benefit all, and any law you write that harms one should harm all. For the last long time we have been focusing on women alone, it's now time to gain true equality by erasing the capacity to discriminate.

  13. Yep and it’s getting worse and they are getting bolder. Met my first flat earthier the other day. He was itching to shoe horn into a group discussion his flat earth philosophy. I think he was only stopped by himself after noticing the incredulity, purely from facial expressions. The nice people in the room just ignored where he would like to have taken the discussion, but should we have strongly pulled him up?

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