If the Democrats Had Any Dignity They’d Rebuke the Rioters

But they don’t.

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  1. Beto looks and acts like a cross between Napolean Dynamite and Butthead. The Pentecostal impersonation is the icing on the cake though.

  2. I wonder sometimes if the left actually WANTS Uncle Adolf to return.

    Their actions make it seem like they’re involved in some sort of Rube Goldberg mass suicide scheme that involves pushing Americans until they finally snap and anoint right wing deathsquads to go execute commies.

  3. I am liberal leaning and I agree what he’s saying here. I’ve been denouncing the riots and getting flack from liberal friends. Saying that peaceful protesting doesn’t work. Though, many Democrats and liberals are also opposed to the violence.

  4. I don't think Buttigeig would have won … not because of his inexperience, but come on, the country doesn't have the puritan streak it once had, but the first sodomite President? :

  5. You're a hypocrite, the riots are happening because Trumps pretty much won this election, doesn't give a fuck about accountability right now and enforcing nearly the same kind of policing tactics that got this Floyd dude killed in the first place. You said it yourself, you're scared the dem lineup is such a joke right now that he just won't give a shit. His reaction to these riots are a joke and he has to come out publicly and try to relate to the black community and speak to the heart otherwise they won't listen to a bar of reason and keep fucking throwing shit at windows. Cutting ANTIFA funding won't do shit because it's not dealing with the real people who are making waves within this BLM or whatever movement they're with right now. Dude needs to fix his image in the NBA community too smh.

  6. Libertarian Congressman Pushes Bill To Allow Officers To Be Sued If They Do Nothing Wrong

    U.S. Representative Justin Amash (Libertarian-Michigan) released a “Dear Colleague” letter asking members of Congress to support proposed legislation to do end qualified immunity for police.

    A Michigan congressman introduced legislation on Monday that would end qualified immunity for law enforcement officers, meaning police officers could be personally sued for actions performed in the line of duty.

  7. biden/dnc bailing out the arsonist, rioter, looters to go free and back to doing evil, as soon as police arrest them. you need a gun if the police can not protect you, your children, your home from arsonist, rioter, looters

  8. The Democrats are not going to rebuke the rioters. Hillary and Obama are becoming closer to the testify stage they have been served. Hillary called on George Soros to change the subject and take the focus off of them. He did he brought out his minions. He has the white supremacist Antifa getting the minorities riled up to burn down their own areas. Win-win for white supremacist George Soros and Hillary and Obama.

  9. I would go one further and say armed people need to come together into groups to protect their communities. I'm not saying hit the streets and go looking for trouble, vigilantism is just going to make things worse, but if they come to your neighborhood looking to kick doors in, it's better they face an armed citizen militia than a bunch of guys with pistols waiting behind their own locked door. Hey, if the cops aren't going to do it,…

  10. Pentecostals are NOT Christians.
    Baptists are NOT Christians.
    Episcopalians are NOT Christians.
    Catholics are NOT Christians.
    WestBurough Obviously NOT Christians.

    They don't believe in, follow, or understand the Bible.

  11. The Democratic party defended slavery, wrote segregation laws, and created the KKK, BLM and Antifa…

    Dignity and integrity has never been in the Democrats vocabulary. They don't know what those things mean, much less how they are important.

  12. A little radical but i love how you point out that these state governments should be shown the door and declared illegitimate on the basis of not doing a damn thing but bend over for whoever so what to fuck them ( given they have the right politics)

  13. When they finally retake the presidency, the democrats will set up a bureau of protest and riots and declare all unsanctioned protest as unlawful

  14. I thought Ian over at Forgotten Weapons was Gun Jesus?
    Well I have seen the error of my ways and ask for forgiveness. This… IS… the real Gun Jesus… and I believe! The other dude is a 'false prophet'. 😛