If the Obama Cages in Bidens Border Facilities Were Prisons There’d be Massive Lawsuits

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  1. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize and then proceeded to drone strike wedding parties. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an honorary Hispanic after this.

  2. Just like Europe after Merkel’s call for “come one, come all”, the US will never be the same after this ongoing invasion. You would think people would learn from others.

  3. I have nothing against immigrants but Biden just gave amnesty to 100,000 Haitians. They are set on keeping power and we are not taking other countries best. A recipe for disaster.

  4. He didn't hire Staffing for that, he took Staffing from other departments throughout our govt and had them volunteer to go down to the boarder. I'm sure we'll "taxpayers" be paying large bonuses for them to serve Joe Biden's whim of delusion. Can anybody say "check please" get this CommieJA's out of here. I mean Barry but he can take Biden & Son with him. Unfortunately churches that aren't real churches are being allowed to take these kids all over the country. Biden and crew are not telling anybody including the state's they're showing up in. The government or the so-called churches are not telling anybody where they're going or who's going to be taking care of these kids. Now Biden tries to say he believes in the churches Goodwill and ability to help Society??? How come it's only when he needs a church to take innocent children in. And YES I am questioning his so-called churches. They're secretive churches with secretive programs that nobody's supposed to know about. For the safety of the children of course but that leaves the children in a hell of a vulnerable position. And the question would be, do we trust our government to not traffic humans? I would have to say NO not anymore NO. Wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last, that pervert, pedos and or government employees use the church as a prasona of Purity to take care of children. To keep access. I love God but I do not fall for brick-and-mortar religion. He told all you Christians. It's not your brick-and-mortar it's your faith in him. Not even your placement on the planet. You go to the Underground Railroad for saving the children you will understand what I mean about our government and the trafficking of human beings. The only people that could be doing it would be the people in power. Same thing with guns and drugs. It's time you stopped looking at your government as left or right and just look at them as human beings that have way too much power and interest in everybody else's backyard. Whoever told you that your government loved and wanted to take care of you? I have never been under that impression in my whole entire life.

  5. It's almost as if they know Capt Potato Brain isn't actually in charge. Everything is being done by nameless departmental appointees who will never have to answer for their actions if (when) it all falls apart.

  6. The faster they overflow the cages the faster Harris & FEMA can traffic unvetted & unaccounted for "children" all over the country. ESPECIALLY those from the Middle East.

  7. Why would anyone care if people in prison hunger strike? Make the food available, make it tasty, and morally you are clean. If people starve themselves why does anyone care ever? They chose to not eat so it’s free will that people would be starving. I just don’t see the point of a hunger strike, its like a lie i’d try to convince my enemies to take themselves out.

  8. Kids in cages is the single biggest evidence that your lefty friends don't give a shit about anything, except what their cult leaders tell them to care about. Got a friend who never mentioned it under Obama, constantly mentioned it under Trump, and is now back to never mentioning it under Biden.

  9. Obama is a great example of how youthful leftist ideological movements are full of crap. I remember being young and thinking that Obama would change everything… He did, for the worse.

  10. Hey, do you want to play THE CAN ON THE WALL. Lets Go. Cans on the shelf if one of them should fall off your have 99 cans on the shelf…………………. Get rid of cansssssssssj

  11. I had this thought a few days ago when I heard they were moving illegals around and releasing them at night.
    We release prisoners in the middle of the night too.

  12. The press will do anything to cover for Biden. Biden threatened to run over a journalist that asked him a question he didn't like, and a couple minutes later they clapped and praised him.