Joe Biden has announced the highest Medicare premium hikes in history. But does funnelling profits to private insurers – the same insurers who donated millions to the president’s election campaign – have anything to do with it? You’re so cynical. #pricehikes #biden #bigpharma

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I'm glad Russell is educating people in the west to the corruption of the democratic elected leaders. It's been going on for decades and it's getting worse to the point the leaders don't give a damn.

  2. My Brother was dead 💀 in the chair when I walked in. Make NO Mistake DEAD . I will not go in anymore detail. Cold water 💧 Couldn't move him. She's standing there like in shock. Go get help. Comes back with man . One to the arm. Several minutes later The second. He still wasn't moving. Then just jerked. Then he started moving gasping for air. I can't do this anymore.

  3. Governors in blue states mandated that those sick with COVID 19 would be sent to nursing homes causing the vulnerable elderly to die alone. Government does not care about the elderly.

  4. In California apparently it's legal to dose amd rape a man over 1,000 times, steal his mail, harass and bully him, refuse life saving medical care and chemically poison him. And these sacks of shit call me crazy, pffffttt. Bunch of monsters.

  5. That's the reason majority of people no more believe in anything said by the well funded candidates on the campaign trail. They are manipulating voters to get in IN ORDER TO serve those funded them and put them in the WH.

  6. It’s just part of the ‘Great Reset’/Davos/One World Govt already in the works. Google it, then check out the private and corporate interests that will be steering it. Done and dusted!

  7. Obama is going to… 'fine' (mostly poor) people $1,000 if they don't (pay insurance companies money) have health insurance? California needs to get in on this, say…to the tune of $500? Either these scum pay our donors, or they will pay into our coffers and get NOTHING for it! What? This isn't popular with the sizeable percentage of voters impacted by it?

  8. the medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies are out of hand. same as hospitals that make up the ridiculous prices for care. in a place where u have to pay to live. when everyone is dead thell get no more money.

  9. No matter private or government management, cost consciousness will be there and that management will receive salary, pensions & benefits out of the allocated money; government employees receive spectacular pensions & benefits when compared to private sectors employees.

  10. Answer – politic!
    You call it politic!
    When politicians are doing this, then it is legal criminality and again…, it calls politic. And the people love to be lead by criminals…., since ages…!

  11. Thank you Russell 🙏you beautiful human swathed in white. Also, Happy belated birthday fellow mercurial Gemini ♊️ keep up the great work communicating truth.

  12. Unless "We the people" do something in our collective countries (I'm Chinadian) (Oops I mean Canadian) and the level of EVIL Corruption that is destroying our countries is staggering and horrifying!! We MUST ACT NOW!! Mine is so corrupt we are only now beginning to fight back but it's against those that have made doing so almost impossible because ofof the changes they have made to the laws and their lies!!

  13. Bro, you don't have to point out the corruption of the left and biden, we are all already painfully aware. Now I just wish that the right was actually a lot better, unfortunately they are merely the best of two bad choices.

  14. Russell a pair of gregory pecks and you have david Koresh look lol the mad mob will call you bad names why do I see a sexcase in old biden son sends a porn links to dad ehh wtf

  15. As much as I agree with the sentiment, removing the profit motive from healthcare will lessen the quality of healthcare and increase its cost. The reason is that the cost of government bureaucracy and corruption is always more expensive than is corporate profit.

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