‘If We Don’t Stop It, This Country Will Not Survive’: Chip Roy Issues Dire Warning On House Floor

In House floor remarks tonight, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) warned against high levels of spending by the government.

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  1. I would like to pay my loans back… But my "healthcare" job won't let me work unless I cave and get the new jab. So I left and now make less than minimum wage at a job that won't force me… There's a lot of things happening that's WRONG. All the way around.

  2. A child molester uses prizes and incentives to molest children. We already know our president is a child molester including molesting his daughter. Then we have the poppy torturer and a know murderer who is proposing to charge people who question him with a felony. Assistant secretary of health and human services is a LGBTQ promoter and a member of that mindset; maybe that is why "health" has become so important that they want to know about every aspect of our lives. Just research where the rest of them come from. We are the frogs in the pot of water and the temperature has gotten uncomfortable yet.
    Ask the people you plan to vote for about all this BS and record their response with their consent.
    Do not vote hierarchy in. For example: George Bush, Jeb Bush. Bill Clinton, Hilary, and possibly their daughter. Mike Huckabee, Sara Huckabee. Not to mention all the women who get married and have different last name that their original madden name.

    Don't let the TV and signs in the lawns choose the next represented. Take just a few hours to see who is running and vote for the qualified ones regardless of the chances they have.

  3. He's right. Bush subsidized student loans through government back loans, and then many Republicans associated companies handed out loans to students. So, it created easy money for students. The tuition started to skyrocket afterward.

  4. If he truely feels this way he should demonstrate his claims with data. There's no data to suggest that the United States will financially collapse due to deficit spending.

    If he is willing to signically raise taxes on the wealthy people in this country AND cut some of united states government programs, that could be a reasonable compromise, but I doubt a person such as himself would want draw the fury of his republican donors and constituents.

  5. America was on a path to greatness with Mr.Trump; now it seems to be back on track into the abyss. What's this rumor about giving out $450,000 to many illegals? Are they then also going to give $1,000,000 to those that went through the hardships of getting here legally? At this point you might as well kill yourself if you're white because South Americans let their governments make deals with drug lords to the point of wanting to come here. They come here illegaly and use the loophole of "born on American soil, so you're an American citizen" in order to spread their families here; wont be much longer before spanish becomes first language in America if this keeps up. It's a non-violent invasion.

  6. Tell this to the corporate billionaires who don't pay their taxes, and the corporations who get billions in subsidies to make it. "Corporate welfare for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor" is what this man is trying to convince you is ok. It's sickening. The system needs fixing, to be sure! Let's argue about how our democracy is at stake and how we are nearing closer to an autocratic gov't. If January 6 didn't scare you, it should. THAT'S the bigger issue. That's the imperative. You want smaller gov't? Then how are you still voting with the GOP now? Look no further than what the Supreme Court is ruling on this week. I've never known a constituency that voted against their self interests like this.

  7. Dude shut up you get a $30,000 a year furniture budget for your office. Meanwhile I work my ass off so does my husband and we can barely afford our rent because of stupid student loan debt. Don't get up there and whine like a little b** if you're not going to do anything and change it for the people that actually run this country

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