If words were violence in the Aaron Maté – Vanguard debate

I imagine it would go something like this.

The entire debate is on their channel:

Written by Turncoat Don


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  1. I've been following Aaron for years, especially as we lived in the same city in Canada. I'm not terribly fond of 'The Vanguard', so I generally leave them alone to do their thing. It's gossiping as far as I can tell but, no matter. I was looking forward to Aaron's interview and then proceeded to watch Shaggy and Scooby there shit in their own nests and think they'd laid a Golden Egg. Good Christ, it was painful. They were hopelessly out of their depth and Aaron was a Class Act. It actually annoyed me for about an hour (or 'til today, which is substantially longer. Lol…), but I just left it when Aaron did. What an utter waste of time. I hope that they've done some serious self-reflection but I'm doubtful about that. They appear to be the 'one step forward, two steps back' kind of guys that'll try to save face first. Too bad. Aaron's a good guy and a wealth of knowledge. Some people know the words to the song but can't hear the music. That was my impression of the 'hosts', anyway. Fun video… It was a dark fantasy come true. Lol… Cheers.

  2. It is weird to tune into Fox where ghoul Laura Ingraham suddenly sounds like Chomsky and Hedges on Ukraine. In being outflanked by the right on the left, Bernie and the Squad, the Dems are even something worse, more dumb and useless than the Washington Generals.

  3. I used to be a vanguard fan but now I basically lost all respect for them for coming after Aaron mate of all fucking people. Aaron has done infinitely more for leftist causes than these dorks.

  4. Whats funny is the vanguard would agree on practically everything Aaron was saying. So nothing was an “own” even if he kept his “composure” he kept deflecting the entire time to debate semantics. Also. We know the right can hijack truths to promote whatever agenda their pushing. It’s called being deceptive and a bad faith actor. Funny tho, Vanguard really killed it in that debate. Execution ≠ Substance

  5. zac and gav's points went right over your heads. as sloppy as gav was he was right on the money. talking heads are going to continue to be falsely framed so long as they don't provide context of the entirety of their ideology. exactly why aarons audience is such an echochamber and gets constantly framed as a russian or republican when he's clearly not.
    aaron wanted to make it about hinkle because he knew how bad cenk looked in the debate w brie.

  6. Aaron took the boys to school and I genuinely hope they learned a few things. He was a class act to even go on there and commit the time and energy to “debate” them. I truly hope they and all who witnessed that come away better for it

  7. All this Pearl clutching over some raised voices literally is counter productive to the progressive discussion. What y’all saw was frustration in real time when someone keeps deflecting the main topic of the discussion, to debate semantics and avoid the point at hand. I would’ve raised my voice too a lil bc it comes off, deceptive on Aaron’s prt.

  8. Who cares about shining light on deceptive right wing actors hijacking leftist ideas, when there’s a fucking ocean of voters who aren’t right wing and are registered non voters. How bout those people? Why are we so focusing on transition those on the right? If they come they come, but there’s literally a whole fucking majority of registered voters not voting, so it does seem a bit pnderous to the Right when you choose that side when there’s so much other swathes of the population available

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