“If you are vaccinated.. you can still get C.. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

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  1. Hey Brandon fu on the virus give it up you let illegals swarm the border without being checked in you let refugees from the Middle East in so if you’re so worried about the virus close the damn border. Your not a leader you tell us what to do raise our cost of living where we can’t live bring people here and give them our jobs you took from us because we didn’t get vaccinated but they didn’t. So until you fix this mess you made stop with the kiddy stories we are grown adults and fu liberals thinking this is the new life because the more these assholes get power the less they care about you. They just need your votes and the dead ones two. These country was great before these slime balls got in and all our rights are going down and no matter what race you are we all need to work together to save us all.

  2. Sure Brandon. This ain’t Venezuela. Good luck, sheeple. When a baby arm starts growing out of your forehead in 5 yrs., think ‘Build Back Better’ and DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!

    Remember when Fauci said don’t wear a mask. Then “his science” went a bit like this….
    Wait! Wear 2 masks now. Lockdown a multi-billion dollar economy nation for “15 days to flatten the curve.” Wait, 15 more months!
    (Harris/Hiden) “I’ll never take Trump’s shot!” Wait! Trump’s gone! Get the shot! Wait! Get 3 shots to “stop the spread.”
    (CDC/FAUCI) If you’re “fully vaccinated”, no need to wear masks. Wait! …we spiked 100k new cases of Delta this summer?! Put masks back on everyone!
    (FDA/PHARMA) 2000+ CONFIRMED deaths are acceptable. Just keep buying our experimental compounds. It’s safe.
    (FJB, THE RETARD) This is a virus of the UNVACCINATED! Wait! “FULLY” Vaccinated are acquiring, getting sick and spreading it too but they won’t get fired for following orders. Omicron! “Fully vaxed people are still getting sick!?” “Get “fourth booster!”

    Meanwhile… (Above avg intelligence people) Wait, we have questions about this mess… Why aren’t bureaucrats “interested in science” NOT talking about natural immunity?
    What % of naturally immune are getting reinfected/hospitalized?
    What about anti-viral treatments, like ‘Tamiflu’ or Monoclonals not prescribed/utilized from symptoms onset to prevent hospitalizations/deaths? Why not, after 2 YEARS!??

  3. This is crazy. Just go out and get one. They not only keep you safe but they keep your family safe. You can also keep a neighbor safe. All the studies show that communities are safer when more people get them. We have a responsibility to be safe and protect the people we care about. Don’t be selfish. Do it for your family for God sakes!!!!!!
    GO BUY A FIREARM!!!!!!

  4. Maybe many of the fully vaccinated are Covid positive with minor or no symptoms at all because of the vaccine. If the vaccines reduce the severity of Covid they might also reduce the symptoms as well, maybe to no symptoms at all. Three in my family , fully vaccinated got Covid, one lost sense of smell, the other two, sense of taste, that's all. Vaccinated or not, you've gotta get it from someone and that might just be a fully vaccinated person.

  5. Harris constantly following Biden around. Why isn’t she preparing for the role she might assume. Create a strategy, study her briefings, build relationships. She should stop following, stop laughing and get serious.

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